Introducing LabYOU, a random experiment for you and nine other people!

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A year long project where a small group of inquisitive and interesting individuals go through a mix of coaching, lab days and connection/growth with each other to create a lifestyle that works for them, particularly around the way they make a living (and how long they spend each week or year doing that!).

The cost is $800 plus gst per month per person, which does not reflect the extraordinary value you will get out of the experiment. The March intake has closed, but applications are now open for June (Auckland based).


What on earth is it?

It’s a year-long program, where 10 individuals go through an experiment together to

1.      Get clear on what they don’t want in their life

2.     Work out what they really want to do (not what they or others feel they should do), particularly around their career or interest (let’s call this their personal project, a unique creation)

3.     Explore and implement ways of making it a reality (in a way that works for them, which includes how many hours they work on it)

The personal project can be anything, and it is possible that it will change over the year as well. That’s ok, the way that anything new has generally come into being is through tinkering and experimentation, and that’s what LabYOU is all about.  The great thing about it will be the little community that is developed over the year; 10 people working together, sharing their wins and failures and cross pollinating with their ideas, genius and experience.

This is your random experiment to work out what works for you, and no-one else!

If you find yourself saying 'Hang on! Say's who??' to something that someone else suggests around how you live your life (or want to be one of those people!) then this program is perfect for you. Often we find ourselves so tied up in doing things the way they have always been done, and don't even realise we are doing it.  The old ways don't necessarily work any more! I am not saying they all need to be chucked out, but I do think there is value in having some healthy curiosity around the way things are 'done', be it how you look for a job, set up a business, live a marriage, lose weight or anything!

I feel very strongly about this program being different to others I have followed and created, and as such we will be tinkering around a bit with the format and structure, based on how people respond to it. One thing I don’t want this to be is some kind of a highly prescribed ‘this is how you do things’ approach, where you might struggle or get frustrated that you aren't getting the promised results, even though you have been following it to the letter. There have been a number of programs, both personal and group I have invested in over the years, and all have been massively valuable for me, even those that have been very prescriptive. But I now realise I kind of lost myself by rigorously adhering to the various structures and processes, and the cost was pretty big; namely I wasn't sharing my best work with the world; I was sharing what I felt I should be sharing.

Once I realised that, I took it on myself to do a bit of an experiment. 2016 has been my year of letting go, and getting super clarity on what I want my life to look like, and a big part of that is the hours that I work (here is a blog on doing that). I have worked out who I want to work with (here's a blog on that, I also love working with CEOs and other interesting individuals on a one to one basis!) and what I want to do. LabYOU is a big part of what I want to do, in fact I have wanted to do this forever, and just never got around to doing it! So, here I am, just getting on with that, and so far the results are spectacular. Not only am I enjoying increased financial success, but it just feels so much more enjoyable, rewarding, easy, interesting and so much more me!! I have worked through this experiment in a way that works for me, and now I want to support others to do the same. The added bonus is doing it with a small group of people (unless you really are not good at playing with others in which case I would invite you to consider the one on one option); it's just so much more fun going on something like this together.

Here's the framework that we will be working with at LabYOU.

Personal ROI  - Where do you specifically want to spend your energy, time and resources to make the most impact on where you are today? For example, if you are having massive challenges with your relationship or a health/lifestyle issue, then putting some energy up front into solving that might be a great move (if that’s what you choose to focus on of course; it is pretty much up to you, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ but naturally there are consequences to some choices!). If you don't have your personal ROI sussed, you are likely to have an out of kilter lifestyle.

Your unique creation – What is it that you really want to do, be it a job, a movement, a business or simply a hobby or lifestyle (eg creating a social indoor netball team!)? And is this what you want to do rather than something driven out of feeling you have no choice, that you are too old, or because of something someone else told you once? Once you have worked that out, how are you going to build it? If you aren't focusing on your own unique creation, you are likely to be working  with someone else's art.

An influence strategy – how are you going to get out there, and get known for this, once it’s been built? Who are the ideal people to share it with? How will you keep in touch with them in a way that doesn’t annoy them, but means they won’t forget about you? How do you get others on board (eg loved ones or high profile potential advocates) who will be instrumental to this becoming a reality? How can you do this in a way that works for you? For example, if you are a natural hustler, then great, we can use that skill. But if you are someone who is more interested in influencing under the radar, we can make that work too! If you don't have a workable influence strategy, you might just be a best kept secret!

Support and structures that serve you – those last three words are very important, because I have myself adopted a number of support mechanisms and structures that have in reality been a great way to beat myself up, and believe that I am ‘sabotaging’, when in fact, they just haven’t really served me! Having said that, some support and structures are super useful and we will spend time working out what works for you specifically. One thing I am clear on is that the LabYOU participants don’t get themselves into (or stay in) any state of overwhelm, beat up or burnout. These structures will apply to all parts of your life (eg date nights, zero inbox, food diaries and financial advisers, whatever you choose!). There will be an emphasis on working less than the standard ‘expectation’.

Once you have worked through each of the above four areas, you will be likely to absolutely experience  freedom, in a way that you have never felt before.

You will be doing what you want, and that might be as simple as working out a way that you can spend more time with your kids, or as grand as working your plan to completely change  an industry at a global level! The main thing is, it will be your project!! Do be  prepared though, sometimes going through a process like this means there are a few hair bend curves to tackle. You may discover that what you thought you wanted it actually not your truth, and that's ok! A year is most likely a long enough time to get clarity on that.

At a more prescriptive level (and that’s a word you won’t find used much), it will look a bit like this;

1.      Once you have decided to come on board you will be sent two questionnaires, 1. A tolerations matrix and 2. A pre-questionnaire which helps you get clear on what you think you want in this moment; for previous clients of mine it will be a good idea to redo these questionnaires.

2.     You and I will have a phone call and get some idea of what’s going on for you right now. There will be no specific format for this, like a lot of LabYOU, it will be what simply shows up on the day.

3.     We will all meet for our kick off where we will spend the day together starting to create our own framework for our personal projects, based on the model above.

4.     We will finish off the day sharing what we intend to be doing for these four areas over the next quarter, before we meet again. This won’t be something that binds us; just a nice way to use the power of declarations in a group environment, that we will either stick to, or not!

5.     Over the following three months, we will keep in touch with each other via a closed Facebook page, and every month we will meet up as a group, either for a breakfast, dinner or webinar (whatever works for our schedules and preferences). Often natural partnerships and buddies develop  when going through a longer term program so other connecting will most likely occur. 

6.     Each individual will receive a one on one coaching session with me for the months that we don’t have a Lab day. This is where we can really explore what you are up to, and focus, quite simply on whatever you want to focus on! Note that this will generally be done remotely, but can be done face to face on occasions that works for both of us.

7.     There will be Lab days every quarter, ie five in total throughout the year. On the final Lab Day, we will celebrate a graduation ceremony on that evening, as it will no doubt, mark the end of a pretty amazing year!

Where do you think you might be in early 2018 if you had received this kind of support and resources throughout the year?!!

What next? If this interests you, even just a little bit, why don't you find out more? Either email me ( or ring me (027 285 9113) and we can have a chat about it, or fill out the form below to receive a document which goes into this in more detail.