Are there too many coaches in New Zealand and Australia?

I was enjoying coffee with a wonderful woman last week, and she posed this question. It wasn’t the first time I have been asked. Other versions of this question go something along the lines of ‘doesn’t it seem that every second person these days is setting up shop as a coach’?

The answer to this is…. NO! There are absolutely not too many coaches!

For every one person who is a coach, there are literally thousands of people who have decided not to be a coach. Of course, coaches also need coaches. It is one of the few professions where, unless you are coaching a very niche market, there are many individuals and businesses who could be considered your client.

 And when you consider that within any given week, each coach would generally be able to provide value to up to 20 clients maximum, there is a wonderful level of opportunity.

Now I am not suggesting that every person on the planet needs a ‘life coach’ (although, why do we find it so acceptable to engage an architect to help us design our house, but often can’t digest doing the same for our life?). I am suggesting paying someone else, who has been through the life experiences and done the study in their chosen field, and can skilfully provide you with some knowledge to elevate you in that field, in less time!

Coaching typically falls into four categories;

(1)    Wellbeing, spirituality and faith

(2)    Finance and abundance

(3)    Relationships and community

(4)    Career and purpose

The wonderful coaches I know provide such powerful services across all of these areas. I do have people in my life who claim that coaching isn’t for everyone. I know that there are some individuals who have no interest in ‘bettering their situation’, but wouldn’t you agree that most people would welcome strategies for more success in at least one of the above categories?

The return on investment on coaching is huge.

That is of no doubt, as long as (a) you are prepared to be accountable and responsible and (b) you choose your coach wisely (that’s another blog in itself). The challenge is that the quantifiable return can be difficult to measure, unless you are working with say a finance coach.

Here is an example. Jan Stein is a powerful wellness coach, who I have engaged, and highly rate.  Her sessions were extraordinary, and since I started seeing her in September last year, I have not been sick… once (touch wood)! Ok, there was a gastro incident that I would rather not talk about, but in terms of general unwellness -fluey, coldy, sicky stuff – nada. That is a huge return for me, if you consider the days I would have normally lost to illness; but to quantify it to simply some extra billable time doesn’t do what I have got out of our partnership justice.

You all know I have other coaches who have played a massive role in me now living a life I love, the way I like, with people I love, and getting paid well for it. Without them, it simply wouldn’t have happened. Again, how can I talk about that in ROI terms?

The Connection Economy

Seth Godin’s brilliant book, The Icarus Deception refers to the Connection Economy, where the artist creates ideas that spread and connects the disconnected. Art is new, real and important and it’s about building bridges between people that generate value. Forget jobs that are still based on the industrial or information age (if your role can be outsourced or automated, its days are numbered), it's about standing up, standing out and making a difference. This was a life changing book for me; I recommend it highly (I am not providing the most elegant explanation here), and I believe, that for us all to embrace our own art (which can be difficult, risky and frightening), we need support. One of the most effective support mechanisms available is that of a coach.

Brendon Burchard

Listening to Brendon Burchard was a turning point for me. He believes each and every one of us can generate income as an expert based on our ‘life apprenticeship’ so far. I know some of you are attending his expert’s academy in Sydney in July (again, thoroughly recommended). You ask anyone there, if they think there are too many coaches, particularly those who are generating really healthy incomes as a result.  We need to adopt prosperity, not a scarcity mindset.

My upcoming weekend for experts.

I am thrilled thrilled thrilled about the calibre of thought leaders, and emerging thought leaders who have signed up for my weekend courses in both March and May. If you are an expert earning less than $150,000 per annum selling your thoughts, or are yet to start up your expert business, then this is a highly practical intensive, where we will actually be working on you generating more leads in the workshop (no cold calling required!). There are a handful of spots available in March, and more in May. If you are earning more than $150,000 per year, it will still be worthwhile, but I would recommend Thought Leaders mentoring or Thought Leader’s Business School as a more commercially viable option.

Posted on March 25, 2014 .