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Check out an exciting new collaboration Twinovate with my twin sister Josie here! Celebrating unapologetic language and challenging status quo. Privileged to have spoken at #GHC17 in Orlando Florida.

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Many of us are living lives that we feel we should be living and we don't even realise it! Today we have so many options around the work we do, the way we do it and the way we live (eg relationships, housing and lifestyle). Don't take anyone else's (including my!) word for it. Find a way that works for you and you alone, don't buy into dogma and live unapologetically! This doesn't mean you have to turn into a selfish twit; once you become aware of the immense pressure you are most likely placing on yourself to be something you are not, you will (if you choose!) become more authentic, make more impact and contribute unapologetically to your employer/business and the people who matter in your life.

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Laurel is a high energy and dynamic speaker, available for keynotes and workshops across New Zealand and globally, primarily on topics around innovation, engagement, talent, creativity, careers and the future of work. Too many people tolerate status quo  Read more...


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Quit apologising!

A powerful day private workshop where women in STEM will learn how to take more initiative and develop more influence, through understanding their relationship with apology. Imagine if more women felt comfortable contributing unapologetically to the vision of your company?!... Read more...


What are you tolerating
in life

Complete my tolerations matrix to find out where you personally would be well served to expend your energy RIGHT NOW!! - it is your birth right to live a life that truly illuminates you, 24 x 7.


Retaining and attracting women in STEM

Four session intensive partnership for leaders in STEM to unapologetically contribute to higher numbers of fulfilled women in their workforce,in a way that works for them…Read more...


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To purchase Laurel’s book click here

To purchase Laurel’s book click here

Gallup states that only 13% of people worldwide feel engaged in their career. Think of the impact on our health and well-being, families, communities and our economy. There are way more options available than you ever thought possible, stop living a status quo life!