It’s what happens in between the sessions that count.

I can’t believe that it has been nearly two years since I graduated from Sally Anderson’s brilliant Freefall Coaching certification! It has been a life changing two years, and I am truly inspired by the clients who have partnered with me to support them; either through a Freefall partnership, a lead generation partnership or latterly, a Thought Leadership mentoring program.

One thing that I am still working on is my ‘need to be liked’ and my ‘good girl’ sentence. Essentially, in the past, I have had a pathological wish to please, and the way this has manifested in some coaching partnerships, is to personally take on responsibility for my clients’ progress. At the most basic level, this means taking lots of notes, filling out the journal and putting together the weekly to do lists. However, I have also at times been overly attached to their progress, particularly with regard to lead generation strategies. If they are not making huge shifts with their commercial success, I have tended to feel like a bit of a failure.

What I have recently realised, is that the clients who really succeed, are the ones who do the work in between the sessions. I know that this sounds obvious, but sometimes it is the basic things that make the difference. Most clients are time poor, and some struggle to complete their agreed tasks between the sessions. Those who not only complete their agreed actions but go out and do even more are the ones who enjoy the results. It’s about making it a bit of a game, and challenging yourself to ‘level up’; an expression which was discussed at the last Thought Leader’s Business School session recently.

One client, who had real issues even ‘cold inmailing’, took complete responsibility for shifting the paradigm. He decided to play a game, where he was searching for a ‘no’. He got over the resistance, and became very active in lead gen activities, realising that actually, most people in his case said ‘yes’! That is certainly a case of levelling up.

I have recently commenced a new coaching partnership myself. It just confirms this concept; the results are showing up when I commit to doing what I say, and I am very excited about how this partnership is elevating the game that I am playing.

If you have been smart enough to engage a coach; make sure you do the work, and get the best out of your partnership. If you find yourself using busy as an excuse, read the life changing book by Christina Guidotti, ‘How to Have it All’. Christina is a powerhouse in the area of productivity, and can show you how to have it all by delivering on the promises you make to yourself (AND your coach!).

Posted on June 16, 2014 .