Go on, buy a piece of jewellery to honour a commitment!

Have you ever bought a piece of jewellery to remind yourself about something important to you? It's a great way to  you present and focused on a particular goal. 

Essentially by wearing the piece of jewellery, it keeps you aware, and increases the chance of achievement of that commitment. It's almost like a road sign; we subconsciously adhere to speed signs, and it increases our likelihood of getting to our destination!

When I became a Thought Leader mentor, nearly 18 months ago, I purchased a beautiful pink tiger's eye ring in Manly. The key value of mine that came out of an exercise with the remarkable Michael Henderson was presence/ being. This ring, which I wear daily, does a pretty good job of reminding me to be present, most of the time.

The Mockingjay Brooch, Hunger Games 

Katniss, the heroine, wears a brooch of a Mockingjay, which is a bird that evolved against the odds in the novels. They represent resistance and rebellion, and the brooch is a significant artefact in the story.

Of course the most well known commitment piece of jewellery is the wedding ring 

In Western society, we don't place much emphasis on artefacts, why not create some of your own and enjoy watching the magic happen?

Posted on January 15, 2015 .