Being overly enthusiastic; Your inner Energizer® Bunny

Now, this newsletter only applies to people with extraordinarily high energetic personalities like myself.

Sometimes I get so carried away, speak so fast and I’m so loud that I simply put people off. When I speak loudly and quickly, I can become breathless and hardly make any sense. People find that it’s a struggle to keep up, and you can imagine it isn’t really a great way to be successful at sales.

 This applies to both face-to-face conversations and to being on the phone. I remember once when ringing a prospect (I can’t even remember which product or service I was selling at the time) and basically blurted out “Hi, My name is Laurel and I’ve called to talk to you about X and I was wondering if you ever feel Y and isn’t it interesting about Z?”

 There was silence at the other end of the phone and then a fit of laughter. He basically replied by mocking me and creating a sound that I can’t write, but it sounded something like that sound you used to get when you accidently rang a fax line!

It might sound cruel, but he actually did me a favor. People can find over enthusiasm, fast and loud talking exhausting. One thing that helps me use my energy and enthusiasm powerfully is breathing. I need to be simply more present. Suddenly that level of enthusiasm is way more powerful than the breathless excitable one.

 Have you ever considered becoming a coach?

 As many of you know, I am a Freefall Certified Coach, and have completed a transformational curriculum under the extraordinary tutelage of Sally Anderson.  I am thrilled that my community of coaches is now being enriched with a new intake commencing in two weeks (first immersion 13, 14, 15 February). Becoming a Freefall coach is absolutely the best thing I have ever done; well, that and discovering the Thought Leader's community, which by the way, I most likely would never have done without the unconditional advocacy that Sally has for Thought Leaders.  My life is unrecognisable from pre-certification, and I can't wait to witness the changes in the lives of those who are about to commence this journey.

 Would you like to explore this for yourself? This is not solely to 'set yourself up as a coach', it is extremely powerful for anyone in any kind of leadership or entrepreneurial position. Check out more details here, and don't let the short lead time turn you off. I actually commenced the program, AFTER the first immersion weekend! Not recommended, but that was when I felt called. And this is certainly something you get called to, not sold on! I am always happy to have a conversation about it, so just let me (or Sal) know if you would like to know more.

Posted on January 31, 2015 .