Sales individuals have pasts (and they can impact performance)

One thing that I get more and more clear on, as I spend time with the wonderful people who are tasked with ‘getting a message out there’, either as an infopreneur/thought leader, sales professional or business owner/adviser is that they can have all the tools and experience available on earth, but if they don’t address the belief and behavioural stuff, then they are usually not going to perform optimally.  

Of course this is widely accepted as a reality, so why then do so few sales programs address this? Many will focus on related areas like psychology, communication and relationship building, but these are so often theoretical, and globally based, whereas I think that the key driver for whether people perform (or not) is the behavior or belief that they have personally adopted as a result of something from their past!


Does this sound like therapy? Going back into the complicated and sometimes harrowing layers of childhood and trying to make sense of them??


I think therapy is amazing, and life changing, but when we are thinking about something as simple as learning how to be more effective at sales, I don’t know we have to be quite so intense. Additionally, some therapists choose to keep their clients enrolled in a story and even maintain clients for years and years, which does make me wonder how much they are focusing on the present and actually being able to leave the past behind.

What I am referring to is Ontology, that is, the study of being human. I wrote a blog earlier this year on how my past has impacted me with sales. The cool thing about ontology (which is what the Evolved Leadership curriculum is based on) is that it simply requires us to take a snapshot of the event, and then bring it back into who we are today, and what we have made that mean. Following that, it is a matter of choice as to whether we cling on to that old way of being, or choose another one, based on what we are motivated by, which is more often than not freedom, love and passion.  

I didn’t used to address this, because focusing on more ‘intellectual’ stuff like lead generation strategies and thought leadership was quite frankly less scary. But over the last year or so, since I have been explicit about delving into people’s pasts, I have so noticed how getting clarity on this can not only result in better sales performance but more ease and peace in people’s lives. It is crazy how many people play beat up and ‘I am not good enough’ on themselves, which is 100% based on a decision they made when they were just a little boy or girl. I am launching a 12 month long leads and listings academies in the New Year, and the very first stage of these are one on one coaching sessions, where we explore the individual’s defining events (and their uniqueness).  

Sometimes we can remember the events that have shaped us, and sometimes we have blocked them. For those of you who can remember your past negative events, ask yourself this question ‘do I still feel triggered/emotional about this event?’. If yes, then know that it might be making a greater impact than you think, and it would be worth exploring that further. Undertaking a healing journey related to this event would be useful too (but that’s definitely another blog topic!).

If this blog has piqued your curiosity, regarding how much your past impacts your performance, then I suggest you do one of these three things;

1.      Enrol in a workshop or advance through Evolved Leadership

2.      Get in touch with me about some limited one on one sessions I will be offeringbefore the end of January which will nail it for you from a clarity perspective

3.      Do your own research on ontology and come up with your own path.

So many people feel confronted about the proverbial ‘looking under the hood’, but seriously, the difference it makes in mine and other’s lives just makes it so worth it (and personally, I believe it is never as scary as people think it will be!). 

Posted on November 26, 2015 .