Are you more committed to someone else's growth than they are?

If you are a coach, author, speaker or trainer, you probably feel a bit like me, and want to see others in your personal and professional life experience fulfillment and freedom. I love Sally Anderson's Freefall curriculum, and am constantly getting feedback when I facilitate it, about how much more clarity and how much easier life occurs for people, once they get the distinctions.

It can be easy to get carried away with evangelising your message and particularly to those who are close to you,but let's face it, once you have shared it once or twice, and they haven't 'taken the bait, then, just let them be!!

 Are you banging on to others endlessly, and trying to fix them?

I love saying to people, when I am in a sales conversation, and I see them a little or a lot disconnected to their potential " I feel more committed to your success than you are"! It is a little controversial, but when people are in what we call 'default', then often their own success is something that they simply can't see.

But don't take this too far. Make an unattached request, and then be comfortable with how they respond!

Just because you think that they may benefit from taking a course of action, doesn't mean that they do. And in many instances, they are perfectly happy with the way things are. OR they might not be happy with the way things are, but haven't yet made the decision to do anything about it, and that is perfectly ok.

I must confess this is a lesson that I have to keep learning. There are probably a few people reading this piece who agree!

I think the key thing is to give up the idea that there is anything wrong, and accept what is. Sometimes it can be hard, particularly with those who are close to you,

This is where nurture (or the 'court them' stage in my lead generation machine) is so important when it comes to prospects. Just keep in touch with them from time to time, and continue to give them value.

 And with those who are not prospects but your loved ones? How about you just try, even for a month, not to fix them?! JUST LET THEM BE!!!

Posted on March 18, 2015 .