Video blog - why expert thinking is critical in today's world

Don't you love how on Youtube the thumbnails of videos always seem to show you in the most unflattering pose? (and the alternative thumbnails are never any better). 

Expert thinking or thought leadership is more important than you might think 

In this video (shot and edited by the beautiful Tanya McQueen) I explain why this is. (apologies it is probably a bit long at 6 mins, but there was a bit to cover!)

It basically comes down to three reasons; 

1. What we know

Today with so much information available to us, we are faced with a tsunami of information available, and it can be a little overwhelming. Plus the computers are doing more and more. If your job can be outsourced or automated, then you might want to start thinking of something else (coming to one of my workshops might be a good idea - see details at bottom of this post:-)). Two things the computers haven't nailed is creativity and making meaning out of something. The latter is all about thought leadership or expert thinking, and is key to managing the typical info overload we face today.

2. What we use

Did you know that the iPad was only released in April 2010? That is crazy! Now with phones and tablets, we not only have more information available, but it is accessible, so no longer does it have to stay in our heads. There is massive opportunity for thought leaders to help by sharing what they know with new markets who headed straight to a phone (ie they have never used a computer). Mobile learning is a brilliant growth market.

3. Who we are

According to Raj Sisodia, founder of Conscious Capitalism, we are smarter, more caring and more purpose driven than ever before. Some of the reasons he cited for this were fascinating (but you have to watch the video to find out more!).

I feel so privileged to be an accredited Thought Leaders Mentor, and a foundation mentor of Thought Leaders Business School (check out the cool video testimonials on this site!) Now more than ever, I believe we have opportunities to be expert thinkers and not only be commercially rewarded for it, but make the world quite literally a better place.

Reminder about my upcoming workshops 

If you or someone who you is tolerating a role that doesn't light them up, then I know that these days will provide some much needed clarity around what to do about it. Here is the link; I am holding one on Thursday 20 August and one on Friday 16 October. They will be from 9am to 5:30pm and at Spencer on Byron at Takapuna Beach. I am SOO excited because it is going to be an spectacular day, supporting people to get some real clarity on not only what they love/are good at, but how they can make a decent living, sharing that with the world somehow. II think it is amazing value for $495 plus GST. 

Posted on July 16, 2015 .