The comparison game - part two

A few months ago, I wrote about comparison in my blog, and also looked at competition. The general idea was that we care way more about what other people think than we let on.

That newsletter was all about how it makes us feel worse when we compare ourselves to others.

I received some great feedback and as I expected it seems to run rife in our communities.

A little while later, I found myself YET again comparing, as others around me were getting amazing results, and I was feeling like I was working so hard, and not producing the same results. Then I remembered a wonderful book that my gorgeous friend and mentor Jasmine Platt raves about, The Complete Works of Florence Scovell Shin and thought it was about time I read it properly; I don't know about you, but I sometimes leaf through books, not giving them the focus they deserve, so this time around I decided to read it cover to cover armed with a notebook and pen to capture the gems.

There was one affirmation that completely knocked me off my perch!  

It was seriously like, oh wow, this makes SO much sense, and I knew this was the key take out of her brilliant book...

"What God has done for others, he now does for me, and more".

How simple is that? I feel like that is the best quote to nail any comparison blues and started putting it to practice.

Some people give me feedback that I share too much about my 'little me' stuff in my blogs, but I choose to take a risk, because I think 'little me' is epidemic in our society, and if I face mine head on, then it does seem to take away it's power. So I am happy to share that sometimes when I hear about other people's successes, there can be a snarky wee voice inside saying 'why does she/he get that kind of result when I don't, it's not faaaaaair' (in a whiny 5 year old tone).

Using this affirmation has been spectacular in shifting that for me. I now see anyone's success as one for all of us, because at some level we are all connected, and coming from love, not judgement just feels WAY better!

I think there is another type of comparison that goes on 

I am sure you know this one too. It's when you look at others around you, who are going through some really tough times, either financially, healthwise, career wise or family/friend wise. In these instances, I hate to admit, I sometimes think of them to feel better about myself, something along the lines of 'at least I am not like poor old XXX, wouldn't like to be them right now'. 

Gratitude for our present situation is cool, but I think it kind of sucks when it is to some extent 'at the expense of others'. Just like we shouldn't feel crap when other people have it good, we shouldn't feel (at some level) good when other people have it crap.

So I flipped around Florence's quote! And now whenever, I hear about someone having  a shitty time,  I think

'What God has done for me, he now does for others and more!'

How's that for shifting the energy of comparison?! And from a financial/prosperity sense,  I think this gently encourages me to 'step up' and continue to gun for great weeks like last week, not only for my own benefit, but to demonstrate to others that it's possible. 

Let's stop thinking of ourselves as better/worse off than others 

And start thinking of ourselves as all being connected, and collectively benefiting from individual success!

Reminder about my upcoming workshops 

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Posted on July 2, 2015 .