Boundaries Part three - managing your commitments when you are unwell, and lessons learnt

There was no intention to create a Part three for this series, but I am down a cropper with a cold last week, and I think because my boundaries were OUT and I suffered some consequences, it makes for a good final spiel on this topic.

How does the show still go on when you are feeling like sh#%?

I think that the thought leader’s journey (getting paid to share the message you love through speaking, authoring, training, mentoring, facilitating or coaching) is one full of freedom; you are really free to create the life you choose, and one of the many things I love about it, is that you can choose lots of holidays! BUT there is one thing that I think is a bit of a compromise with this profession…. The show must go on!  

There are legendary stories of speakers being injected with anti nausea agent just before they go on stage; flying into Hawaii, and requesting a hand rail on the stage so that they can hold on to it whilst speaking, and general recounts of above and beyond. Why? Because if someone has paid you well and flown in their entire company to be elevated by your message, then it doesn’t really cut it to say ‘sorry, I am not up to it’ (of course there are some instances where you simply can’t make it, and in that case having a couple of highly trusted standbys who deliver a complimentary message to you is a very smart move).

Last Thursday I presented my public Illuminate workshop to a wonderful bunch of 14 people.  I had spent Tuesday and Wednesday in bed (working) with a cold and at the end of the day I was shattered, but thrilled having been able to give it my all for the day.

And if I had taken it easy from there, things would have been fine.. but I didn’t.

My sons’ school is an amazing community, and we had our once every two year fund raising ball on Saturday night. I managed to make the night, drinking all of a couple of wines, and getting home at a reasonable time.

And even if I had taken it easy on the Sunday, things might have worked out better for me.

But I spent Sunday doing stuff when I should have stayed in bed. And the consequence of that is I am now here in Sydney, at my beloved Business School, and feeling not on top of my game. It’s a miracle I got myself on the plane at an obscene hour yesterday (and bad timing that a wonderful high profile client was on the same plane and observed my dripping nose with my face half falling off and very drab clothes and no make-up).

Thankfully after taking it easy yesterday, and not going out last night, I am feeling better, and up to drinking in the inspiration and sharing over the next three days.

But the learning is that boundaries are super important when you are sick, or think you are on the road to recovery. As someone with massive FOMO (fear of missing out), I will forego the celebrations out in Sydney tonight, and tuck myself up in bed nice and early, to make sure I am in an even better space tomorrow.

If you are one of the many struck down with what some GP's are calling the three month cold (groan), then remember to take it easy. Far better to spend a few days in bed, and a week or two of low key lifestyle than lingering in that Neverland of blahness for weeks on end. AND make sure, that you are brave enough to make the call when the show simply CAN’T go on!

Congratulations to Cynthia Kirk who not only won a place at my Illuminate workshop last week, but also won the trip to see Oprah with me in December!

Posted on August 28, 2015 .