Case study of a life by design - Jasmine Platt

I think that every now and then, it would be valuable to profile someone in my community who is just kicking butt and truly living a life that rocks. If I were to think of the person who truly has created an extraordinary life for herself and her family it's Jazzy Jas. We have known each other for 12 years, and witnessing her own journey has been breathtakingly inspiring.

When I asked her what she believes she has created for herself, she simply said, 'a life of freedom, where I can do whatever I want, with my friends and family'. And boy is she doing that. On Tuesday she is off to Hawaii with her family; she travels internationally, delivering the most amazing work, travelling first class right through the year and manages to fund all this working part time. She is real, fun, spiritual, grounded and her main focus is on getting results for her clients, something so many people don't take responsibility for. Her clients are international, and her game is big. The fact is, that when you create massive results for people, they are willing to invest significantly in you. Thanks so much lovely Jasmine, for allowing me to share your story.

From school teacher to international transformational speaker/author/mentor

School teachers make great thought leaders and Jazz is no exception. From school teacher, to working with youth, to HR corporate consultant, it was around 10 years ago when Jazz realised that she was drawn to more of a spiritual path. After some identity wrestling (at that stage she was more of a black and white corporate girl), she did that very cool thing of surrendering and chose to become a coach, mentor, trainer and explore her spiritual side deeply.

My personal experience of her work was around six years ago, when I attended her 'Creating Miracles' course. A wonderful bunch of people met up weekly and learned how to manifest what we wanted. For me personally, I had experienced fertility challenges and was aching to have another baby. At 42 I felt time was truly running out.

I became pregnant almost immediately, and absolutely attribute Jazz and her incredible talent to making my gorgeous Cameron a reality.

A couple of years down the track Jasmine had discovered the devastating news that her beautiful daughter had massive developmental challenges, and was in need of expensive regular therapy, in order to live the life that Jazz and Nick knew she deserved. I think the cost was around $60,000 a year, and although they were doing fine financially, this was clearly quite a strain on them.

Jazz and I have both been blessed with the same amazing guides and mentors in our lives, including Sally AndersonMatt Church and Lucille Henry. Jazz then chose to enter the international arena, totally own her amazing gifts, and got some support around that with another powerful community in the US.

Since then, she has simply blossomed, is making a profound difference in others lives, and doing it with ease and minimal effort. She is also able to give her daughter the best possible chance at life, by investing in world class therapists. I know that challenges still of course present themselves but it's how she handles them, and doesn't dwell, something we can all learn to do more of. 

So what is Jazz' philosophy on how to achieve this success? 

She has very generously shared with me her 3 primary beliefs around why she believes she is now living the life she loves;

1.     She owns her own uniqueness and value. Simple, I know but so many of us don't take the time to do that. The way that Jazz does it (for her and her clients) is to get clear on your soul alignment, and where in your life you are aligned and where you aren't. One of the key areas where many are not aligned is in owning just how good they are!

2.     She owns the results she produces for her clients. This is a great differentiator. So many people simply don't do this, but she has such a belief in what she can create, that she owns this, and guess what? They are getting results!

3.     She is playing a bigger international game. By being part of a global community, Jazz got present to how isolated we are on this side of the world. But it doesn't have to be this way. Jazz works with clients across the planet, AND gets paid in US dollars!

If you are interested in finding out more about what Jasmine does, check out is an honour to know you Jazz, and here's to more people creating lives by design.

Update on Sal's one day empowerment workshop

The feedback we have received after Sally Anderson's workshop last week has been extraordinary. Here is an example;

"Smashing breakthroughs in ‘reality’ consciousness I have known and know and full willingness to live the work for self and reflect it out for others to experience – literally THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE"

If you are interested in attending one of Sally Anderson's workshops, she is hosting another one on Friday 2nd October in Auckland, and Friday 23 October in Tauranga. Please note we do not publicly advertise these courses, and they will fill up quickly. If you would like to come as a guest on my table, you can purchase a ticket for $265 plus GST, just register here, and enter LAUREL in the promo code box.

Posted on September 14, 2015 .