Hang on, says who?! Your personal invitation to LabYOU

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  • A yearlong mix of coaching and labs for 10 inquisitive and interesting individuals (based in Auckland).
  • I would love you to be part of my pilot program!
  • This is my personal project. What is going to be yours for 2017?

A wonderful new client and I were having a discussion yesterday about what it takes as a female to get onto boards. She was a little bemused as she had recently heard some advice (from a female who was on a number of boards) which went something along the lines of needing specific tertiary and industry experience in order to get a look in in a predominantly man’s world.  I found myself feeling quite riled up about it.

I know a number of business owners who wouldn’t give a rat’s arse about the qualifications or said industry experience; surely it’s about the value that person can bring and that equates to more than a few letters. But what was more surprising for me was that the females dishing out the advice were keeping the story in place by sharing it and not challenging it. Of course they came from an era where they had to ‘do it hard’ to get to where they are today, but I would have thought that would be an even stronger reason to share with younger inspiring women that they might like to look at things differently. I am not saying that there is no truth in the suggestion, simply that it’s not set in stone.

The interesting thing about these limitations is that sometimes they are so deeply entrenched, that we don’t even realize we are influenced by them. One way that I find I can personally unearth them, is by asking the question ‘Hangon, says who?!’ when I feel that I am buying into something that doesn’t serve.

LabYOU is a place where you can lightly explore and challenge the limitations that you and others place on your own aspirations to live the way you choose, particularly around career and working hours.  

It is finally time to share details about my upcoming year long Auckland based program. If you have been regularly reading my emails, you will know that this has been a year of letting go and getting clear on what I really enjoy (vs whatI think I should enjoy) and LabYOU is definitely my personal project that really lights me up. Now I want to support you in discovering, creating and sharing yours.

LabYOU is a year long central Auckland based project commencing Saturday 3rd December 2016, where a small group of inquisitive and interesting individuals go through a mix of coaching, lab days and connection/growth with each other to create a lifestyle that works for them, particularly around the way they make a living (and how long they spend each week or year doing that!). It is very experimental in nature (think guidelines not a strict curriculum, and a general tinkering approach) and will definitely be driven by the group as a whole rather than any preconceived ideas. We will be doing a lot of 'going where the energy of the group goes'.

The cost is deliberately low, at $600 plus gst per month per person, which does not reflect the extraordinary value you will get out of the experiment. Why am I not charging more? Because this is what I want to charge, and I want it to be something that can be a reality for more people! This is also my pilot, and so I am keen to get it filled and started, and make it happen!

You can find out more about the program by going to my website. Fill out the form and you will receive some more in depth information about what you are potentially getting yourself in to, or just email or text me and we can have a chat. I promise I won't do any hard sell or be pushy; I will just be thrilled you are considering investing your time and money into yourself, and will be happy to give you some clarity over aphone call about where to next for you! I also have one spot available for one on one coaching, which might be something you want to explore if you don't historically 'play well with others'!

The following model is the basis of LabYOU

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Personal ROI  - Where do you specifically want to spend your energy, time and resources to make the most impact on where you are today? For example, if you are having massive challenges with your relationship or a health/lifestyle issue, then putting some energy up front into solving that might be a great move (if that’s what you choose to focus on of course; it is pretty much up to you, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ but naturally there are consequences to some choices!). If you don't have your personal ROI sussed, you are likely to have an out of kilter lifestyle.

Your unique creation – What is it that you really want to do, be it a job, a movement, a business or simply a hobby or lifestyle (eg creating a social indoor netball team!)? And is this what you want to do rather than something driven out of feeling you have no choice, that you are too old, or because of something someone else told you once? Once you have worked that out, how are you going to build it? This is what I am referring to as your personal project and is usually related to how someone earns a living, but it can actually be anything you want to create. If you aren't focusing on your own unique creation, you are likely to be working  with someone else's art.

An influence strategy – how are you going to get out there, and get known for this, once it’s been built? Who are the ideal people to share it with? How will you keep in touch with them in a way that doesn’t annoy them, but means they won’t forget about you? How do you get others on board (eg loved ones or high profile potential advocates) who will be instrumental to this becoming a reality? How can you do this in a way that works for you? For example, if you are a natural hustler, then great, we can use that skill. But if you are someone who is more interested in influencing under the radar, we can make that work too! If you don't have a workable influence strategy, you might just be a best kept secret!

Support and structures that serve you – those last three words are very important, because I have myself adopted a number of support mechanisms and structures that have in reality been a great way to beat myself up, and believe that I am ‘sabotaging’, when in fact, they just haven’t really served me! Having said that, some support and structures are super useful and we will spend time working out what works for you specifically. One thing I am clear on is that the LabYOU participants don’t get themselves into (or stay in) any state of overwhelm, beat up or burnout. These structures will apply to all parts of your life (eg date nights, zero inbox, food diaries and financial advisers, whatever you choose!). There will be an emphasis on working less than the standard ‘expectation’.

Once you have worked through each of the above four areas, you will be likely to absolutely experience freedom, in a way that you have never felt before. That's the aim for participants of LabYOU.

Have you ever been to Christmas in the Park on dress rehearsal night? It's way less crowded than the actual night, but I find it quite neat to witness the sound checks, the slight hiccups and the insight into the crazy logistic of this massive event. Personally, I think becoming part of a pilot will add some extra magic. I have other LabYOUs planned for launch in 2017, but this one is going to be the really special one and I would love you to be part of that! 

Posted on October 21, 2016 .