What on earth is healing (and we aren’t talking about what’s under a Band-Aid here)


When I am working with people on living their legacy, and illuminating themselves to make the difference they were born to make, I have to ‘get over myself’ and ask a question which can be quite confronting and confusing;

‘Have you ever undertaken any healing work?’

Many people don’t really understand what healing work is, or why they would do it, and sometimes I have a bit of trouble explaining it. This is mainly because I don’t want to be seen as a bit of a whacko, and it can be a little tricky to explain, so I thought I would give it a go in today’s blog (deep breath, and apologies if it sounds a bit intense, what I want is for people to feel more lightness in their life, and getting this sorted absolutely provides that).

Have a think back to people who have been a significant part of your life. Generally, we are talking about mothers, fathers, siblings, best friends, first girlfriends or boyfriends, ex-husbands, ex-wives, ex-business partners, and of course, anyone who is in your life currently.

The way to work out if healing work is something you would benefit from, is to think about the ‘charge’ that happens when you think about these people.

If you suddenly experience some kind of negative emotional response, eg anxiety, anger, sadness, dread, blame, then that means there is something incomplete for you, and healing would be a great option.

Now think about any past negative experiences in your life, eg abuse, loss, guilt, failure, betrayal, bullying, abandonment. Again, observe how you feel when you think of this event. For example, you are still sent into a rage when you think about a business gone pear shaped ten years ago?

Imagine the freedom you would feel, if that charge was no longer there? I know countless examples of where this is actually the case for people in my life, and usually, it is a result of undertaking some healing work around this.

Maybe you can’t think of a specific event, but you find that there are times when you just get really angry, sad, scared, or just feel like total crap emotionally, even when everything is supposedly going fine.

OR another way we as humans conveniently deal with this ‘stuff’ is that we go onto autopilot, disconnecting ourselves to any emotions whatsoever, and flat-lining our way through life, without the ability to really feel anything.

Of course, one very smart way to resolve the hurt or the disconnection is to seek therapy or coaching, which is great for resolving the issue, and particularly the way it impacts your life today (including the little voices in your head that may be part of it). It may however, not always address the underlying ‘charge’.

Maybe it’s more about your actual internal ‘charge’ or energy? (Here’s about where I sense some eyes rolling….. hear me out ☺).

There's something pretty crazy about energy, and the fact that we're all made up of cells and energy. As such, we can have negative energy in our cellular memory that holds us back. The incredible doctor Deepak Chopra is the person from whom I first heard about this concept. The eastern philosophies refer to this as chi, which is essentially the energy that flows in every living thing, and in nature. This is often what we refer to as ‘being in the zone’ or ‘being in flow’.

A healer is someone who helps you to shift at an energetic level. They take responsibility for getting your chi or energy back into alignment, and removing any blocks or obstacles that might be stopping that flow. Sometimes only one or two sessions are required, sometimes it takes a lot more than that, and in some instances, you can choose to learn a technique where you can heal yourself (the body has infinite capacity to do this!).

How you do this is a very personal choice. Once you decide that you are ready to undertake healing, you will find that someone or some modality that resonates for you. Some examples are Reiki, NLP, spiritual healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Qigong, Tapping, Neotouch, Bodytalk, Shamanic healing, Chakra clearing, Neurolink and self-hypnosis.

Lucille Henry (Matariki Essences)

Frederic Cherri, Cynthia Kirk, Emma Kelly (Neotouch)

Deb Rowley

Di Sorrell

Kim Knight

Aimee Graham

The best way is to find someone who other people use and trust. Unfortunately the industry is unregulated, and there are people who claim to be healers, who are not healed themselves, and that can end up with unsatisfactory experiences. One thing I love about working under the Evolved Leadership brand, is that as coaches, we are required to constantly do the work on ourselves, both being coached and getting on going healing. I may go for months or even a year or so without attending a healing session, but I now know myself well enough that when that charge starts appearing, it’s time to do something about it.

Love to hear your thoughts on this topic! It is something that I used to avoid talking about (hence why this blog is a little delayed, I have been avoiding publishing it!), but my need to ‘look good’ is less than my need to give people an option to get rid of those negative feelings that can be addressed, with the right support.

Posted on April 28, 2016 .