Getting clear about your unique creation

In this third video (apologies for the poor quality of this one!) we are looking at your unique creation. This is timely as we have focused on your personal ROI to date, and essentially primed thecanvas to get rid of some rough bits to make sure that your creation will last. If this is your first blog from me go to for previous videos.

Your unique creation could be anything, it might not be a job or a business, but some kind of community project. The great thing about doing something that isn't commercial, is that it gives you a wonderful outlet to focus your energy and passion, but you don't have to rely on it to pay the rent or mortgage. Having said that, there are of course a number of options you can take to create something that is a career or business.

The main thing as always, is to find something that makes you sing, that lights you up, and that isn't something you feel you have to do (eg because that's what you trained for), or that someone told you to do.

See this model for an overview; it essentially boils down to three areas:


What kind of things really stir you up, in either a good way or a frustrating way? Maybe you want to rescue stray dogs in Rarotonga? Maybeyou love theatre and performance? If that's the case speaking or the events industry might be for you. Tidiness and things being in place might be super important to you. In that case some kind of analytical role could be ideal.

You want to find something that is naturally you, because it really does make things a whole lot easier. It might take a little bit of time to discover what that is, but it's worth taking that time. I think of it as climbing a ladder; there's no point climbing the ladder if its leaning against the wrong wall!

For me, I love all things about identity and uniqueness, which might have something to do with the fact that I have struggled with uniqueness all my life, being an identical twin.

Grab a blank piece of paper, and some coloured pens and just start writing or mind mapping. Think about what lit you up as a child. What was a job, either casual or 'serious' that really got you excited? Or even a particular project? It's like finding a thread in a bundle of wool, and then following that thread till you get it untangled; just trust the process. It's amazing what can come up!


So now you have found your thing, who are the people you like to hang out with? Life's too short to spend time with people who don't fuel you (and if they don't fuel you, chances are you don't fuel them!) Do you like inquisitive people? Smart people? Adventurous? Introverts? Extroverts?

I have been in front of prospects sharing enthusiastically, and have quite literally noticed their eyes glaze over. There are others who would love nothing more than to clear their calendars for the remainder of the day and just continue talking. Those are your people!! As a recovering people pleaser it has taken me a while to accept that I am not for everyone, and that's ok! 


Finally you want to think about how your unique creation is going to fit in with the rest of your world. The main considerations are your family and friends, but also travel, sports and interests. We don't have to settle for a 9 to 5 (or worse 70 hour a week) role any more.

If it's not a hobby/interest that you are creating, then you have three primary choices about how you are going to bring your unique creation into the world;

  1. Employee - sometimes working for someone else gets a bit of a bad wrap, but there are some very big pluses about this, and some employers take flexibility and employee wellbeing very seriously. If you are going to be an employee, it's a good idea to find one of them!
  2. Expert/educator - making a living by sharing what you know is not only immensely rewarding, it also provides you with freedom. Find out more about the extraordinary thought leader's curriculum here (as a start buy this book, thought leaders practice). I know so many wonderful thought leaders who are making a great living and enjoying their life as a speaker, author, trainer, mentor, facilitator or coach.
  3. Entrepreneur - this is a truly creative venture, probably the riskiest but also the most rewarding. I probably never felt more alive than when I was an entrepreneur, and as long as you get some great support and make sure you do your research, it can be a fabulous journey. One key consideration about becoming an entrepreneur is how your loved ones feel about it. I am all for being unapologetically you but when there are some big financial impacts, then their support is essential. I will talk more into this in the next video about influence strategies!

Get clear on your thing, your people and your way, and you have the foundations of a brilliant and unique creation, just for you. Next video we will explore the oh so important activity of getting out there and getting known, your influence strategy!

Posted on May 24, 2017 .