Challenge status quo;  Find your own way to retain, attract and grow women in STEMFI 

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As a leader in STEMFI (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, Finance and Insurance), you know it's a challenge ensuring that there are enough women in your organisation. It's not just that there are not enough women coming through with qualifications, there is real competition to recruit. But I think a key issue is keeping them! According to Catalyst, 32% of women in STEM plan to leave their roles within the next year. Various reasons cited include a sense of isolation, hostile male-dominated work environments, ineffective executive feedback, and a lack of effective sponsors.

Retaining your people is super important, but so is growing them. And there are more interesting ways to attract them in the first place than simply placing an advert online and hoping for a miracle.

In this four session coaching partnership, we will work together to design your way to retain, attract and grow women in your organisation. It's about un-tapping your innovation and finding a way that not only suits you, but can be activated in spite of the inevitable capacity and resourcing challenge.

What will be covered?

1. What is attractive about your organisation? What needs work?

2. How are your female employees feeling...really?

3. What is your personal style, your strength, your values and your influence preferences?

4. Designing a retention strategy that fits.

5. Designing an attraction strategy that fits.

6. Getting buy-in and making it happen.

What will you get?

We all know that creating cultural change in an organisation takes time. This is not  a quick fix, but it is a powerful partnership to challenge your own unconscious bias around what you can and can't do to retain, attract and grow your female workforce. You will get insight into how you best work, and apply this to your own retention and attraction plan. Once the partnership is complete, you will have a high level plan to continue to develop, refine and embed. The main value out of this partnership is stepping up unapologetically into leading and influencing your organisation in your own unique way to do whatever it can to make it an attractive and inspiring place for females to work!

Why Laurel?

After spending time in United States and getting present to the impact of too few women in STEM, encouraging more of them and keeping them happy is my sole focus. As an ex- owner of a highly successful tech recruitment company and an engagement specialist, I have experience in managing talent in an out of the box way. As a coach who specializes in challenging status quo, I support people to look both outside and inside of themselves to come up with a way that works for them and no-one else. 'That's the way things have always been done around here' is a cop out and if you think that way, you will be left behind...seriously! 

What next?

Contact Laurel at or +64 27 285 9113 to find out more. Please note that this can also be run as a 2 x half day workshop for groups of leaders.