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Thought Leadership Marketing

A 90 day private mentoring package aimed at CEOs of fast growth start ups, which uses thought leadership marketing as a way for you to be positioned as the market leader in your field. We unpack the clever ideas from inside your head and use them to shift the experience of your service or product to a whole new level.

 I love working with entrepreneurs, I have been one myself, and what I love is people following their passion, and creating success for themselves rather than for someone else. What excites me is that there are ways to accelerate growth in your business, in a high value, low cost way,  and it’s all about you being positioned as the market leader.

Let’s look firstly at some of the key challenges that entrepreneurs face;

  1. This is a pretty obvious one, they simply do not have additional time, there is simply too much to do.
  2. There are conflicting priorities on where you place your funds; you need to spend money on pretty much everything, and it is tough to prioritise re ROI because in most instance, you just don’t know.
  3. Even with a team, there are things that you personally, as the founder are going to have to do, so any effort that you place in the business needs to be about things that only you can do, because you are already doing so much!
  4. Having been an entrepreneur myself, I know that something personally for me, was the challenge of where to spend my marketing budget. At the time, I was not a specialised marketer, and there were many conflicting voices shouting at me; you need social media! You need to network! You must optimise your site for SEO!

In the thought leadership community, we often reference the quote by John Wanamaker,. The father of modern advertising;

“half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half’.

The 90 day thought leadership marketing program, that I am licensed to deliver, help you position yourself as the market leader in your field, so that your focus shifts more to your clients buying from you, rather than  the more traditional (and harder) selling to them.

Check out the model below;

 Anything below the line, stinks of effort, and requires you pushing each of them to make it happen.

What we focus on, in our 90 day partnership, is the above the line activity. When you are positioned as a thought leader in your field, when your company is positioned as the market leader or specialist in X, then things change significantly.

A key outcome of this is a 12 month communication calendar, with speaking and authoring opportunities. We unpack your thoughts by creating intellectual property snapshots, and choose your next commercial actions, based on what you know, who values that, and how you share that.

We believe that one business person who operates from this space is worth ten who don’t, so it seems like a pretty smart place for a busy entrepreneur to spend their time.

It can also be relevant for those company owners who are looking at exiting their organisation soon. In this instance it is a key person in your team, whose thought leadership can be unpacked, to support you in positioning your company as a market leader.