Click here to download a whitepaper called Million Dollar Expert by Matt Church, Peter Cook and Scott Stein; how to capture, package and deliver the thoughts in your head.


I love working first and foremost with experts. Coaches/mentors, speakers, workshop facilitators and trainers and authors who have discovered their passion and  make a living doing what they love. The challenge is, there are a few infopreneurs out there, who don’t generate the revenue they deserve. The following two programs are both strong foundations for you to shift that dynamic (or, if you are already earning what you believe you are worth, significantly increasing your revenue), and neither are get rich quick schemes.


(1) 90 Day sell your thoughts mentoring package



 (2) Seize your quarter, lead gen partnership

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Sell your thoughts

A 90 day private mentoring program  where we focus on increasing your revenue by 10K a month.The thought leadership model, which is what I am licensed to teach, shows experts how to earn $500,000 to $1.5 million per year, working for 50 to 200 days a year, with one or two team  members.

In other words, it is doing the work you love, with people you like, the way you like, and when you like. It is all about positioning.

So why don’t most infopreneurs earn enough revenue?

  • Most infopreneurs would prefer to be actually delivering, than selling
  • There can be some real revenue lumpiness, due to either a reliance on a particular offering (eg speaking) or industry, OR the age old ‘if you are delivering, you aren’t selling’ dilemma.
  • And let’s face it, we often aren’t marketing experts ourselves, and in a way it feels a bit icky selling ourselves. That isn’t helped when we walk into a bookstore to see the myriad of best sellers on your chosen topic!

So how do we increase your revenue by $10,000 a month? By following the proven methodology of Sell Your Thoughts, which is behind the book of the same name, the acclaimed MDE program and the very exciting and upcoming Thought Leaders Business School.

We do this by focusing on one offering of yours every quarter, with a view to generating another 10K of revenue in that cluster.  We choose a market and a mode, and I personally take you through the methodology which enables you to do this.



Attending MDE has changed my life (and my revenue) in way that no other program has done previously. I am passionate about sharing the approach with other experts, and it’s all based on thinking once and delivering often.

The program is delivered over 10 one on one sessions of up to 90 minutes in duration. I guide you step by step through this methodology, and at the end of each session, you WILL have homeplay to complete.




Seize your quarter, 90 day lead gen partnership

Click here to download a PDF about the seize your next quarter offering

An intensive and revolutionary partnership which will shift the way you attract opportunities, and make lead generation a whole lot easier (and less cringy). It’s all about the way you leverage platform and communities.

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We mean to get around to generating leads, but because it’s actually something most of us don’t naturally gravitate towards, we tend to ignore it to deal with other pressing stuff in our business or practice. This can lead to frustration, when we cannot rely on a constantly growing and converting pipeline.

The irony is, that there are so many missed opportunities that we tend to overlook, every single day.

We are not talking about increasing the number of likes on your page, or blasting out a newsletter to thousands (with a low open rate).

This program is about partnering you to expand your reach elegantly and smartly. Every week we review the status of your various campaigns, and track the relevant metric.

The more exciting bit is understanding how to look at your world a different way, to see opportunities, which previously may not have been obvious. By the end of this program, you will be able to filter your environment and identify which opportunities are just sitting there waiting for you to seize them.

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If you are interested in finding out more about the great lead generator workshop, please click here.


It’s one thing to create a great lead generator machine, it’s another thing to get the most out of it over time. You have to create momentum, and get the machine cranking! That requires constantly reviewing, monitoring and tweaking.