I show experts, business owners and insurance advisers how to be more commercially successful through thought leadership and lead generation. I also help people in organisations progress their careers by influencing through powerful positioning.

My first book, Lead Generation - 21st century strategies to ignite your success, is now available for purchase!

It's all about mastering the essential skills of lead generation and never again having a shortage of prospects. Learn simple frameworks to amplify your pipeline and increase revenue.

Not only will you feel increased confidence in your business, but you will significantly eliminate the time you spend worrying about your cashflow.

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How to be more commercially successful as a thought leader

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Get more leads as an insurance adviser!

Thursday April 9th, 6pm NZ time

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Are you more committed to someone's growth than they are?

If you are a coach, author, speaker or trainer, you probably feel a bit like me, and want to see others in your personal and professional life experience fulfillment and freedom read more

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I am an accredited thought leader mentor, which means I am licensed to deliver the powerful thought leaders curriculum which is all about unpacking what you know and applying full spectrum thinking to make sure that people 'get' you. I have also been a successful entrepreneur, who used to hate sales, and is now a lead generation expert. Additionally, I am a certified coach in the powerful Freefall curriculum, which is awareness based training, focused on obtaining sustainable results from any education or coaching.

What really lights me up is when people get absolute clarity on what they know, and who they are. You could call it discovering your legacy. I can help you not only discover and/or refine that, but also practically show you how you can fully commercialise that, whether through your expert practice/consultancy, business, insurance practice or company role.

How does thought leadership and lead generation help YOU to be more commercially successful?

If you are an expert

Click here to find out more about mentoring packages and the incredible Thought Leader's Business School where you will learn how to earn significantly more doing work you love with people you like, the way you like. We unpack the ideas in your head for commercial success and love showing clever people how to be commercially smart as a speaker, author, trainer or mentor/coach.

If you are in insurance

The key challenges that insurance advisers face are finding the right people to sell to, and then influencing them to not only recognise the need for insurance, but also actually get around to making a decision! Click here to find out lead generation coaching programs and workshops.


If you own a company

When you talk about how to grow your business, there are so many opinions on how to do it, and you simply don't have the capacity to analyse them all. Thought Leadership is a fast growth and cost effective way to grow your business. Find out more about mentoring package, where you can become known as the authority in your field through positioning read more


If you are employed in an organisation

Would you like to be more effective at influencing your projects and driving your career?

This self directed coaching program is all about embedding your legacy into an organisation through your own thought leadership.

Or maybe you are wondering if this is where you are really destined to be and if it might be time to make a change, either by becoming an independent consultant/thought leader, starting up a business, or making a lifestyle choice around charity or contribution. Check out the all new Illuminate program, where you are partnered through getting crystal clear clarity on your purpose, and being practically supported to transition into that. Read more