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"I got huge insight from Laurel facilitating a Thought Leader’s clarity exercise and started to see a lot of possibilities that I couldn’t see before. I am very grateful, and recommend you engage Laurel for a clarity session; she is really really good at it!"

Kath Walters (


"Laurel has great energy and a clever knack in finding out your strengths and talents.  She works through a process that gets you really thinking about what you’ve done, achieved and enjoy and then works with you to start identifying where that can take you.  I didn’t realise I had so many stories to tell!  In just a few hours with Laurel I gained clarity around the opportunities available to me and left our session feeling energised and ready to take on the world!"

Belinda Muir (


"I recently enjoyed a 2.5 hour strategy session with Laurel. She quickly built a rapport and also created a trusting environment for me. She lead me through exercises to provide me clarity on the "words" that uniquely described me.  I left with actions to undertake and a new direction. I would definitely recommend an appointment with Laurel."

Marise Lincoln


"As a solopreneur in my training, writing and coaching practice, I sometimes felt I was working in a vacuum. I love what I do, but sometimes I struggled and wondered if I should maybe give it all up and get a ‘proper’ job. 

Then I met, ‘The Laurel.’ 

One of the biggest gifts that Laurel gave me was validation. Validation that I had genuine IP that could be leveraged systematically. The Thought Leadership system, along with Laurel’s ongoing mentoring and support enabled me to identify the IP that I’d built up over years. With Laurel’s guidance I then put it together in ways that supported and enhanced what I was already doing. As a result I got more work that I loved doing and I developed some new products and services. 

It was hard but enjoyable work. It stretched me - which is always a good thing - and I felt so much more confident that what I am offering is extremely worthwhile. Laurel was always insanely positive, and I really appreciated her cheer leading with every advancement, every new achievement. 

Thank you Laurel, it’s been a joy working with you. I’d do it again in a heartbeat."

Stephanie Philp  (


"Laurel's workshop "Illuminate" event is aptly named. She is a skilled facilitator which created a safe place for me to explore possibilities outside my comfort zone. Laurel has the ability to shine a light on the gaps between the words and sentences and guide a person to embrace the opportunities, personal and business, they presented.

Great day. Great group, Great results. Thanks Laurel."

Cynthia Kirk (Practitioner at Néotouch Craniosacral Therapy Clinic)


It is our birthright to find a vocation, something that we feel excited about, something that gives us a sense of purpose and contribution.

And the exciting thing is that in today’s global and highly connected world, we have opportunities that have never been available before. The future of work is a completely different landscape to 9 to 5 dross.

But many of us are tolerating roles or enterprises that don’t light us up, that drain us, that make us feel anything but purposeful; our life feels more like Groundhog Day. 

The resources I am offering here will help you to identify what your purpose is, AND to activate it, so that you are living true to that purpose day in and day out. And sometimes this requires a reinvention.  And by the way, sometimes it doesn't either!! It's just about you getting reconnected to the reason you are doing what you do


"I do believe that certain people have been given a gift, an incredible talent and know how to lighten up the pathway to help people come home to their true purpose. Laurel McLay has a unique insight into the dynamic of the makeup behind both the Human and Business arena and the uncanny ability to identify the structure needed in both to climb to the top of your game…she is your scaffolding to success!

Truly honoured to have crossed your path. Thankyou."

Terry Connell (


"I recently had the most amazing session with the lovely Laurel. Not only was I blown away with her enthusiasm but at the way in which Laurel pried from me my thoughts, dissected them and rearranged them into a way that made total sense. Laurel has given me a significant boost in developing my unique Intellectual Property and saved me many many months of frustration, toil and hard work! THANK YOU LAUREL"

Phil Holland (


"Laurel has an incredible talent and skill for bringing out the best in you and helping to clarify all the thoughts and ideas you've had for developing your career and lifestyle. The time I've spent with Laurel has given me a huge jump start towards the next stage of my business and lifeplan. Her skill set is unlike any other mentor, coach or educator I've connected with before. She has so many well developed skills to compliment her natural talent. She's able to assess where you're at and then select the best processes and information to help you. It's been such a privilege spending time working with Laurel. It's a relief to meet someone who really knows what they're talking about and is able to deliver over and above. I'm so excited to keep working with Laurel over the long term."

Heather Baker (Owner - Life Advice Insurance Specialists)


I have had the privilege to experience Laurel's gifts, knowledge and abilities in workshop environments, as a speaker as well in one on one scenarios. 

For me, Laurel's was able to extract, sort and sift the gold from me that I couldn't previously see, give me clarity on my direction in my business that I did not previously have and hone my vision, mission and purpose. 

Laurel has an extraordinary ability to cut through the haze that others often find themselves in, when wanting personal growth and/or business growth. Along with amazing process to uncover and clarify, her amazing intuition is always a huge component of her work. 

Any opportunity to work with Laurel will pay dividends plus the experience is always fueled with passion and fun.

Karen Oates (

What can I do to start on the journey to evolve into living a life that shouts out ME and my brilliant uniqueness in a way I could never have imagined?

#1 Download the white paper

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  1. Get to work on clarifying your uniqueness and identity
  2. Work out how you will share that uniqueness
  3. Get out there and share your value
  4. Get clear on what's NOT working in your life, and sort it out!

When you have read this, you will not only have a better idea of practical and no or low cost ways that you can discover your true purpose, but also how the future of work is providing us with WAY more options than ever before, particularly in the area of creativity.






#2 Subscribe to my complimentary mini series

NOTE: This audio series is scheduled for release in early 2016. Where I interview people who have successfully taken the plunge, reinvented themselves in how they earn a living, and are now spending their days doing what they want to do, rather than what they feel they have to do. There are many inspirational stories which include entrepreneurs, employees, expert/educators and enablers. In these interviews they share the ups and downs of their journeys, pitfalls to avoid, and invaluable trick and tips.

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#3 Apply for the exclusive six month 'Illuminate your Legacy' coaching partnership with Laurel 

This is something that will call those who are serious about taking an exciting and massive shift into living the life and particularly career that they were born to live. Over six challenging and rewarding months, you will be supported in a way that you have never been before, and be taken through processes and enquiry that will give you extraordinary clarity not only on your purpose, but also how you can generate revenue out of that and manage any associated limiting belief. This is a world class and life changing program, and is only offered to a limited number of applicants.

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How do you feel about the life that you are living? Do you think you could be happier and more connected to what you do? Could you be earning more and valued more by those around you? It is amazing how providence plays a part, and once you get clarity on your passion and purpose, the right people, books and opportunities show up. Give it  a go, be open and you might be pleasantly surprised! After all, we spend too much time at work NOT to be doing what we love!