Two day weekend positioning intensive

How to reach more, engage more, and ultimately earn more

For emerging thought leaders (experts) and SME owners

The Cellar Room, Hotel de Brett

The Cellar Room, Hotel de Brett

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It is unusual to have an explicit conversation around what you earn. In the Thought Leaders Global community, we enjoy bucking that trend. Even though ultimately, our vision is to partner thought leaders in doing what they love, and making a contribution to others, your commercial success is what we focus on first.

Many thought leaders and owners of SMEs are not earning the income they deserve. In fact, they are often struggling just to make ends meet.

They don’t like selling or marketing, they don’t believe they are very good at it, and they are simply confused by the competing specialists who are keen to support them. They are also terrified that they are going to have to ‘cold call’!

Even if they do have a good solid client base, their revenue can be lumpy, and sometimes the good months simply can’t carry them through the slow months.

What is particularly frustrating, is when they start to doubt themselves, and decide it is all too hard, and think seriously about looking on line for a job.

The following model shows the various financial stages for an expert (please note, our end game is for you to earn $720,000 per year, check out this model for more details, but this is how we show the initial stages);


value model - stages.jpg

The two day positioning intensive takes you through five key principles, which will provide you with a tailored plan to significantly increase both the quality and size of your pipeline, regardless of your expertise, market or offering.This is a highly practical and implementation oriented course; you will be working on your own plan and sharing your experiences with the rest of the group. It is also in an intimate and elegant environment, and is limited to only 8 participants.


Individuals who make a living by coaching, speaking, authoring or training and who are presently billing up to $150,000 per year ( for those who are earning more than $150,000 per year, your sales strategy is primarily positioning, so the Thought Leader Business School or 90 day private mentoring program ‘Sell Your Thoughts’ is more suitable).

It is also perfect for emerging thought leaders, that is, individuals who are presently in a job or business that no longer serves, and who wants to start earning revenue as a thought leader in their particular area of expertise. We like to show you a way to ‘give up your day job or business’, and slowly if required.

Finally, this program is a brilliant intensive lead generation program for owners of a small to medium sized business.

By attending this course, you will receive the right tools and resources to elevate your earnings.

For those of you who are thought leaders, this means you will get to the level, where you can comfortably invest in a Thought Leaders Global Program, whether that is via private mentoring with me, or attending Thought Leader Business School.  In other words, you could view this as a Thought Leader preparation program.



One thing many of us do as experts is confuse our markets regarding what we actually do.

You will get very clear on what your expertise or offering actually is, who you currently serve, and how you presently offer it. 

We will also provide you with the opportunity to challenge all three of these, because there may actually be a more commercially viable option. For example, if you are presently keynote speaking, it might be commercially wise to bundle some ongoing service to prolong the value exchange.


This is the key focus of this weekend intensive. You will work on your own customised lead generation machine, which will significantly transform your pipeline. It will be tailored to your own unique expertise, market and delivery mechanism. 

Great Lead Generator machine.JPG


Another powerful resource is your conversion script, which will support you in elegantly  taking prospects through your offering, with the focus on your own story and purpose. Do you have problems with people at sales meetings who say 'let me go away and think about it'? We will show you how to make sure that they commit (if they are keen!) on the spot.

How to track your activity, in a simple and clever way, is also covered, and complicated software is not required.  You will be shown a number of physical and online structures (and structures to support those structures) which can make a huge difference to your commercial success, when followed.


We have all heard the saying, the first sale is to yourself.  This is definitely the case, and there are a number of other success factors based on both your belief system, and how you think and live in general.

In the Thought Leader community, we refer to ‘helpful delusions’, which serve us in progressing through the financial stages. What you think definitely creates your realty, and this is addressed during the weekend in a light and pragmatic way.

Typical sabotage strategies are also covered.


Sometimes we just get too serious and significant for our own good. There is real magic in fun and playfulness AND being unattached. It is also important to play with like minded people and make sure we create enough time for joy in our life. The subject ‘plays’ a surprisingly large part in your commercial success, and you will enjoy finding out why.


No, we are not going to ask you to pick up the phone and cold call, but there are some daring, risky or even outrageous actions that you can complete, which are very useful in your drive to elevate your financial success. This may not be for everyone, but for those who feel confronted by this section, you might want to ask yourself, does this stop me in other areas of my life? Hard hats not required.



Two days of immersion;

9am to 5pm, next dates to be confirmed, but will be in September

$1,500 plus GST for two days of immersion, at the gorgeous Cellar Room, Hotel de Brett, 2 High Street, Auckland Central.

SPECIAL OFFER $2,500 plus GST for two people.

A deposit of $300 plus GST secures your spot.



Fill out the following form, and you can look forward to commencing on your path to earning a fabulous income as a thought leader or SME business owner.

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