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Your Best Work and Lifestyle

How to design and create the career, business or even personal project that is truly your best work, something that you are naturally suited to pursue, and that doesn't even feel like work. How to make it fit into a lifestyle that makes you very happy! Too many of us are in careers, businesses and even personal situations that are not really us. We often don't even realise that we are living other people's dreams or work, usually based on a sense of obligation or feeling that we have no choice. The impact on this is massive, not only personally, but also nationally, as a large majority of our talent is under utilised. What's more, our dismal engagement scores show many of us are checked out, stressed out, or on autopilot, and this has a flow on effect to our families, friends, workplaces and communities.


Choose from a one off clarity deep dive session or a three month partnership to support you to

1. Work out what  is not working in your present situation

2. Playfully explore what 'your thing' is, something that you are great at AND that you enjoy (too many of us stick with something we do well, but doesn't light us up). 

3. Make it happen in a way that works for you. This may or may not include a 'lily pad' strategy, where we explore ways to get you out of your current situation and free up some capacity and brain space for you to get on to creating your best work.

Please email me on if you would like to find out more.

Deep dive one off clarity session

In this intense two hour conversation, you will get to explore an element of your present situation, your aspirations (personal or professional) and who you are as your essence. It might be thrashing out a business idea that has been 'haunting' you for years, getting clarity on what would really light you up as a career, exploring a lifestyle transition that excites but terrifies you, reviewing your current situation and job-crafting to get it the way you really want or just understanding where you are living a life by obligation or someone else's rules.

One on one three month 'Your best work' coaching partnerships 

An intensive but highly rewarding partnership, where you will work with Laurel to explore

(a) Your best work or the ultimate lifestyle (or both!) 

(b) How you can make it happen (eg employment, entrepreneurialism or sabbatical)

(c) How big a game you wish to play and how it can fit into a lifestyle (eg hours of work) that works for you, not anyone else’s idea of who you should be.

In other words, how can you be unapologetically and unashamedly yourself? Once you get clear on this, and have a plan to put it into action, not only do you feel more fulfilment but also a greater sense of freedom, in living your life on your terms, the way you want (and not the way you think you should live, or according to anyone else’s rules).

During this time, you will be curiously exploring your identity and purpose, and how you portray that to the people in all areas of your lives. This is not self indulgent navel gazing or counselling, rather an application of highly relevant and proven techniques to unleash creativity and conviction that you may have hidden at some level to date.

One thing for sure, this program enables you to live a sense of freedom, fulfilment and high level performance that you may have never believed  possible. This is not a standard run of the mill coaching program.

Limited partnerships available, and by application only. All enquiries will be treated with absolute discretion. Please contact Laurel on or +64 27 285 9113 to arrange a one on one conversation which will provide immediate clarity on whether you are ready to experience this shift.