Get financially rewarded for your legacy (and discover it if you haven’t!)

What value would you place on earning what you wish to earn doing what you LOVE?

One Day Auckland based workshop on Thursday, August 20th 9am to 5:30pm

Spencer on Byron Hotel, 9 - 11 Byron Ave, Takapuna Beach

Price - Was $495 plus GST, now $347 plus GST.


Here's your chance to come and see Oprah with me!

One person who clearly does what she loves is Oprah Winfrey so I thought it might be a good idea for me to take someone along to her New Zealand show with me! We have a Platinum Reserve $400 tickets each and will make a full one night of it and generally celebrate doing what we love. If you would like to go into the draw to win this experience, simply register for the August workshop by signing up at the bottom of this page. In order to be eligible, you need to have watched the webinar and other conditions will apply.






I have two wishes for individuals;

(1) that they are feeling a sense of contribution and fulfillment in whatever they choose to do, be that as an employee, an entrepreneur, or an enabler (someone who contributes via a charity, hobby or sport) and

(2) that they are remunerated well for that.

It is our birthright to find a vocation, something that we feel excited about and in today's global and highly connected world, we have opportunities that have never been available before. But we need to know about them!

So why are there not more of us living our legacy?

And why are so many of us not producing better financial results if we are doing what we love? (We all know that there are a bunch of smart and passionate poor people out there).

1. We think that this is as good as it gets, and that everything is fine with our current situation.

2. We aren't taking the time to explore our options, either on how to be more successful in what we are presently doing or on what's available elsewhere.

3. We feel we are too old, too tired, it's too risky or too hard. Maybe we have tried before, and it hasn't worked.  The status quo is our biggest enemy.

4.  We are stuck in the HOW and do not know where to start?

5.  We are PARALYSED by fear of the unknown, we've seen others who’ve tried and it didn’t work, unable to reconcile how it could possibly work for you

And of course, right in the depths of our mind, is that niggling little voice saying 'we can't possibly pull this off'.


Join me on this one day intensive workshop, where I will partner you to

1. Get clarity on your value, the market you serve (eg. client or employer) and the problems you solve for that market.

2. You will then learn how to create your own personalised campaign around how you get out there and share your value to that market. This also includes the ideal way to ask others around you to support you, something we are not very good at in New Zealand. In fact, this isn't about 'cold calling', this is about elegant campaigns which leverage who you know, thought leadership and generosity marketing.

3. And finally, you will understand if there is anything holding you back from achieving this.

Why should you attend this one day workshop?

1. You will get clarity on your own uniqueness and value. It's all about unpacking the thoughts in your head for commercial success and understanding why you are so different to those around you. We are often so close to what we do, that we can't elegantly articulate why we are so good! 

2. You will understand how to get known by the right people (clients, prospects or advocates). There are people out there who need your help, but they can't if they don't know that you exist. You have so many options out there around you regarding how to promote and position yourself, but it is actually way easier than you think.

3. You will understand why you are your own worst enemy. Call it distraction/sabotage/avoidance/procrastination or perfectionism, there will be some behaviour that you are adopting, which will be holding you back. It's called being human!!

Who should attend?

1. Anyone who is in a role or company that they don't love

2. Entrepreneurs, sales people and experts who are not getting adequately financially rewarded

3. Individuals at a cross roads in their life (eg returning to workforce having had children, been made redundant, just filling in time with a 'it will do for now' role)

This will be a value packed illuminating day. Come along as an individual, or couple up with someone to get a $100 discount each. Each participant will receive a copy of Laurel's recently published book, 'Lead Generation - 21st Century strategies to ignite your success'.

For more information, click here to download my Illuminate White Paper.

Please email or if you would like to know more details, or if you are ready to book, simply fill out the form below and I will send you payment details!

Life's too short not to be doing what you love!