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Unapologetically women workshops

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You
Dr Seuss

One day workshop for women to support you in becoming more fulfilled, productive, innovative, confident and collaborative (and less stressed) all by being more YOU! Click here EVENT FINDA LINK to find out more.. or keep reading on..


How? By creating unapologetic careers and personal lives which truly reflect your YOUness,  your aspirations, values and strengths. This is not about being rude and egotistical rather about fully expressing your essence and vitality in as courageous a way that suits YOU!



Do you realise how much we make decisions around our careers, our lifestyle, our health and even our relationships based on external influences, be it marketing, status quo (ie ‘it’s always been done this way) friends, family, and colleagues and even belief systems which we have unconsciously adopted?

It’s a little bit crazy, because I think many of us don’t realise how influenced we are, but here’s a great little indicator;

Have a think about your life and how you feel day to day, and if you feel any kind of underlying sense of anxiety, frustration, sadness or overwhelm, it may simply be due to living a life which isn’t really you (even though you think it might be!).

Now I get that is a lofty statement, but let me put it another way. The pressure that other people put on us is nothing compared to the pressure we place on ourselves. And so often that’s all to do with how we think we should be living. We measure our success on position, status or income and can feel like a complete failure if we aren’t ‘living up to the mark’. The 10 billion dollar self help industry (and the weight loss industry) are built on the belief that there is something wrong with us, that needs fixing, and it can make us feel pretty crap about how our life is going in reality.

Have a look at my recent blogs to understand more about the way that I have been getting real and honest about how influenced I was by outside forces. I would love to say that now I am richer, slimmer and more successful than I have ever been as a result of challenging some of those external influences, but I think that I have actually gained more…and that is..

Living my life unapologetically, in a way that works for me, and creating cool stuff that’s based on my ‘me-ness’ and what I LOVE rather than what I feel I should be doing.



What is it?


A one day high energy interactive workshop for women - two options:


1.     Attending my full day public workshop on X November

·      Early bird $250 plus GST per person

·      Early bird (previous client or group of five) $200 plus GST per person

·      Standard $300 plus GST

·      Standard (previous client or group of five) $250 plus GST


Parking is


Tickets are non refundable but credit


Nibbles and lunch will be provided.



2.     Booking a private workshop at your own premises – tailor made w pre-session and follow up. This is obviously only for companies courageous enough to rate innovation, collaboration and engagement as more important than ‘towing the corporate line’.




The freedom around that is indescribable, and I am inviting you to partake in a workshop where I will support you to enquire into your own ‘you-ness’ , and challenging stuff in your rule book which prevents you from being that, including some hidden ones that you might not even be aware of! I want to help you to tap into your own ‘inner wisdom’ rather than looking outside of yourself for answers.

Imagine a world where we have the freedom to be unapologetically ourselves? Where we balance the information that we get from the outside world with our own values and instincts to make choices based on what we want and feel right about, rather than any kind of obligation, external influence or fear of being judged?


Here’s what I think would happen (over time, because I believe we are way more conditioned to worry about what other people think and fit into cultural norms than we let on!).

1.     We would feel more fulfilled about leading the life we choose vs the one our dad wanted for us, or the one our partner thinks we should live.

2.     We would become more productive, as we learnt to say no to the stuff that doesn’t light us up, and quit procrastinating on things that don’t really matter (all the while being ok to do the ‘less sexy’ stuffbecause we know that it is simply part of what we are working towards).

3.     Your company or business would benefit from the innovation that results from you and others being more willing to suggest ideas, even out of the box ones.

4.     There would be more collaboration, as people stop worrying about what other people think (or wanting to be a burden) and be open to working together.

5.     This would lead to more confidence as people realise that living unapologetically is so much more natural than wearing a mask.

6.     And finally, there would be less pressure, anxiety and frustration, because worrying about what other people think and trying to be something you are not (including ignoring your intuition and inner knowing) is highly stressful.


What will be covered?


1. Howexternal influences can shape our world

·      The scary power and cunning of obligation, dogma, comparison and other external influences

·      Getting clear on where ‘shoulds’ are running your life

·      What is wrong (and good!) about status quo.

·      Unconscious bias and how it plays out particularly in male dominated industries (eg tech, engineering, finance and banking, insurance)


2. Your unapologetic self

·      Getting clear on your value/talents/skills and how you can apply them to the new world of career (where outsourcing and artificial intelligence are impacting some industries)

·      Getting clear on what you WANT (really!!) in your career, health, relationships and finance  and how slowing down helps you discover that.

·      The power of simplification and being able to articulate your vision (and not ramble, justify or apologise).

·      The risks of being unapologetic (and why it’s worth taking them).


3. Your unapologetic journey

·      The power of support and boundaries (ie not doing everything for everyone else and being ok w asking for support)

·      When to apologise (when it really counts)

·      Assessing external experts/systems in money, fitness, personal branding and styling, parenting and business so you can choose based on what’s really going to work for you and you alone (and trusting your own intuitive choices more rather than relying on the advice of others).

·      Being unapologetically influential and having the confidence to speak up (in a way that works for you and that isn’t icky).



There will also be a special bonus ‘stay on for a drink’ session specifically for entrepreneurs/infopreneurs and women in male dominated industries (finance and banking, insurance, engineering and technology). This will focus on how to advance your career or grow your business unapologetically (without needing to join the ‘boy’s club’, follow outdated rules or become a jerk).


Why Laurel?


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