I am thrilled to be part of the Game Changer Global Summit, and to offer my book on Lead Generation.

Do you struggle with getting yourself out there?

All of us who are drawn to the healing, coaching, speaking or training professions have a heart felt desire to make a difference on the planet, and reach as many people as we can. But the challenge is that so many of us don't know how to get out there.

Our talents lie in personal development, health or spirituality, and not business development. It's not often something that even interests us - we would sooner have spiders crawling all over us than promote or 'sell' our services.

Additionally, we often struggle with articulating and sharing what we do, and the value we bring (or we feel we will be laughed out of the board room if we are trying to get into the corporate market).

Lead Generation is a practical, easy to read book, which gives you the most simple structure for generating commercial success. It's all about getting clear on your value, what markets you serve, and what problems you solve for that market.

You do deserve to be paid well for the work you do, and this book will not only show you how to do that, but how to actually ENJOY the process!

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And a big shout out and huge gratitude to Henare and Kate O'Brien for making the life changing Game Changer Global Summit possible.