Here is what others are saying about Laurel.

"Laurel's lead generation strategy work enabled me to land the most profitable project of my business to date. She is a pleasure to work with and has unlocked so many commercial opportunities in my business. I highly recommend Laurel to anyone wanting to grow their business."

Blythe Rowe

"There are many professionals who can deliver, but it is rare to meet someone who passionately embraces your cause and works with you as if it's her own. I cannot recommend Laurel and her team highly enough."

Erica Bagshaw 

"Laurel helped me to define the gaps where we weren’t using Infusionsoft, and we worked out a strategy where we prioritised the campaigns to implement. Where Infusionsoft was previously something we knew we weren’t leveraging properly, we now have a strong roadmap going forward, and implementing it has made a profound difference to my practice."

Peter Cook 

"Laurel's expert mentoring in platform strategy has saved me time, made life easier – and made me more money (with scale). I'm now more free to do the work I love, with people I like the way I like. A triple win!"

Dr Jason Fox 

"Laurel’s mentoring is fun yet provoking.  She was able to see strengths and specific IP in me that I was completely unaware of and then help me to focus them into a business proposition - for that I will always be grateful!  Thanks Laurel!"

Jeanette Bremner

"I worked with Laurel in a coaching / mentoring capacity for a number of months in 2014. I had just completed a Sally Anderson Freefall residential weekend and then carried on the good work by embarking on a 4 month coaching commitment with Laurel.

I really enjoyed working with Laurel who remained very steadfast in her commitment to me, even through all the many changes and U-turns that my coaching took. I started off the work in one direction and ended up completely in the opposite, but correct, direction. Laurel held her course and completely readjusted what she had to do with me on more than one occasion. Many a time I felt like Laurel was the leader of my cheering squad and it really helped me when I was re-correcting my direction, yet again.

I have come out the other end committed to my course and with a huge sense of clarification and conviction that I am headed on the right path. I would have struggled with the process and the decisions that were required to get me there if I had not had Laurel's coaching keeping me committed to staying on track, and a moving track to boot!"

Susan Parker

"I got huge insight from Laurel facilitating a Thought Leader’s clarity exercise and started to see a lot of possibilities that I couldn’t see before. I am very grateful, and recommend you engage Laurel for a clarity session; she is really really good at it!"

Kath Walters

"I do believe that certain people have been given a gift, an incredible talent and know how to lighten up the pathway to help people come home to their true purpose. Laurel McLay has a unique insight into the dynamic of the makeup behind both the Human and Business arena and the uncanny ability to identify the structure needed in both to climb to the top of your game…she is your scaffolding to success!"

"Truly honoured to have crossed your path. Thankyou."

Terry Connell

"I recently had the most amazing session with the lovely Laurel. Not only was I blown away with her enthusiasm but at the way in which Laurel pried from me my thoughts, dissected them and rearranged them into a way that made total sense. Laurel has given me a significant boost in developing my unique Intellectual Property and saved me many many months of frustration, toil and hard work! THANK YOU LAUREL"

Phil Holland

"Laurel has great energy and a clever knack in finding out your strengths and talents.  She works through a process that gets you really thinking about what you’ve done, achieved and enjoy and then works with you to start identifying where that can take you.  I didn’t realise I had so many stories to tell!  In just a few hours with Laurel I gained clarity around the opportunities available to me and left our session feeling energised and ready to take on the world!"

Belinda Muir