The Lead Generation Game

Amplifying your pipeline size, quality and performance through getting playfully serious about two highly undervalued crafts; lead generation and positioning.

It’s all about getting your team to take personal responsibility for

  1.  Being crystal clear about their market, the value they provide, and the way they connect to that market through powerful words and tools
  2. Making the work more motivating, by clever use of rituals, structures and artefacts to measure progress
  3. Coming from a place of power vs avoidance, negativity or non-commitment

We also ensure that not only do they have a clear sense of progress, but they are future proofing their lead gen processes via constant evolution.

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Here is what I find is a challenge with managing sales teams

  1. We don’t know how to get them to do ‘great things’ and take full personal responsibility for their own (and the company’s) success
  2. There is an overreliance on KPIs, and achieving targets, which often results in frenzied activity at the end of the month/quarter/year, and questionable quality around leads 
  3. There is a sense of ‘doing things the same way’ because that’s the way it has always been done, and there is no opportunity for creativity and innovation in the sales process; this also means there is no future proofing for the inevitable changing environment in which they work
  4. Often there is a lack of consistency, both personally (ie for a team member across time) and across the team (ie individuals are using different approaches and there is a variance in success across the team)

But what I find is really going on, is that actually, it can be soul destroying being in a sales team. They can constantly feel like they are being compared to others in their team, are only as good as their last sale/month/quarter, and the pressure to produce results is immense. Ironically, in spite of this, they will do whatever they can to avoid getting in touch with new clients  What’s more, as a sales manager, we find it hard to ‘jolly along the team’ and any sales program seems to be too focused on the motivational ra ra.

How are your team really performing?

If you think about a team’s performance, at the bottom of the table is woeful, where they are returning around 10% of what they are actually costing you. We liken their performance to that of a dial up connection. Conversely, a highly performing team at the top of the table, makes it almost look effortless; they can return you five times as much as they are costing you, and they are more like the Ultra Fast Broadband (and beyond).

This program shows you how to move your sales team towards impacting their market like that.

How do we do that?

It’s all about making sure you are known, through lead generation AND positioning!

On Amazon, there are over 2.2 million titles on sales, but only 17,000 on lead  generation! I find this extraordinary; shouldn’t we be focusing on getting known by the RIGHT people, for the value they provide? What’s the point of a sales process if our funnel is feeble and skinny?

What’s more, teams don’t naturally take advantage of positioning. At Thought Leader’s Global, we refer to the difference between an ‘expert’ who knows something, vs an ‘authority’ who is known for knowing something. Life becomes a whole lot easier when people come to you; and it can take more than a savvy marketing campaign to enable that.

What this program does is guide your sales team through designing and implementing a game plan that shifts the sales culture playfully towards effortless performance, by focusing on refining and implementing lead generation and positioning activities that work.

What does it look like?

This is completed over a seven to eight week period as follows;

  1.  Meeting with sales lead to understand team, product/service and market. 
  2. Kick off with sales team
  3. 5 weekly sessions where the team is supported to create the game plan by both Laurel and the sales lead (each week one to two particular aspects of the lead generation game are specifically discussed). The team also have allocated time throughout each week for them to work on the plan individually/as a team
  4. Wrap up/review session
  5. Debrief with sales lead.


The following modules are covered over this period;

·       Team review; history, dynamics, beliefs

·       Game plan; mini projects definition and allocation, intentions

·       Structures, rituals, artefacts, progress monitors

·       Clarity; value, market, generations, positioning

·       Cleverness; lead gen tactics, supporting tools and collaterals

·       Conviction; ownership of value, personal boundaries

·       Playfulness; game design and refinement, celebrations

·       Daring; visibility, vulnerability, reaching out

Who is this for?

Any sales team (minimum three players) where lead generation, particularly new business is a key requirement for success. Primarily suited for the B2B market, but B2C can also apply gameful design for success.

What next?

Contact Laurel on +64 27 285 9113 or and have a discussion to clarify if your team could benefit from playing the Lead Generation Game.