Cult leaders and gurus

 I have been known to invest some significant funds into furthering my education, both from a professional and personal perspective. Some of my nearest and dearest (including my hubby Geoff) have (half) joked that I have joined a cult, or am following my latest guru. Yes, I totally get that I am whole, complete and perfect just as I am, but I also get what a difference investing in experts and coaches makes, not only to my own sense of fulfillment, but definitely to my commercial success.

Why do people find it so strange?

In fact, it kind of intrigues me that people find the idea of paying someone else to guide/mentor/train them so unusual. Those coaches and mentors who I have engaged have spent more money and time than I have, perfecting their craft, and personally, I think it is smarter for me to rely on them to teach me the gold as it were, rather than me spending time and money up-skilling myself on my own.

Last week I was in Sydney, becoming accredited in the thought leadership mentor program. The thought leadership community is all about helping clever people become commercially smart. We all know there are too many smart poor people out there. I am now thrilled to be able to partner experts to earn a bunch of money, doing what they love, working with people they like, the way they like. Most people don't believe it is possible, but there are nearly 1,000 graduates enjoying significant commercial success across all kinds of expertise. AND it takes hard work, this is no pay through the nose social media strategy that promises financial success by making a few videos.

Is this another example of me spending money on my latest guru? Try, an extraordinarily smart revenue generation strategy, where my ROI was almost achieved less than a week after I completed the course.

A shout out to my anything but 'cult leaders'

Anyway, there are a number of experts who I am eternally grateful for me being almost annoyingly happy and fulfilled.  Sally Anderson will always take top prize for being my top  supposed 'cult leader', followed closely by Matt Church. Other amazing individuals who have touched my life include Lucille Henry, Jasmine Platt, Dr Jason Fox and Janelle Fletcher. The money and time I have invested in these superstars is so insignificant compared to what they have given me in return.

Net time you are thinking about paying someone to coach/guide/mentor you in their craft, just get on with it and find someone. Ask around, and be smart (aha snake oil gurus still exist) and go with your intuitive choice.

Hail the mistaken Gurus and Cult Leaders on this planet, who dare to dedicate their lives to sharing what they love!! ...and what a privilege for me to be honoring my calling in now supporting them in generating significant financial return for doing so. 

And of course, if you want to find out more about being commercially smart, let's connect! I would love to share some possibilities.


Posted on October 17, 2013 .