Mentoring seriously matters

I have often considered mentoring to be a key strategy in moving your business or practice from one level to the other. But I have never experienced the true value of one, until now. Only recently I engaged the amazing Dr Jason Fox ( as a thought leader mentor. I completed Matt Church’s powerful MDE (Million Dollar Expert) program in late November 2012. Since then, I have experienced a few life hiccups, and only recently did  I decide that rather than trying on my own to work through this fantastic new approach, I would engage a mentor. I was a little spoiled for choice, there are some incredible thought leader mentors available to this community, but Jason and I resonated from the outset, and I think that the fact we are both redheads cemented the deal.

Where I was at the beginning, and where I am now, is unrecognisable. Seriously, the support and guidance I have received has been mind blowing, and I can now tick all these things of my ‘must get done’ list, that were stagnating in my ‘one day’ pool for weeks, if not months.

The cool thing is, that Jason is simply guiding me to bring out the best in myself, and to support me and manage any roadblocks in the way. We agree the priorities, based on the proven thought leadership approach, I go away and get them done (sometimes kicking and screaming inside my own head, because basically, I do get confronted when I finally choose to step up), and then we check in and see how things are tracking. The fact that Jason manages it whilst navigating a speaking schedule that requires many plane hours, AND writing a book in a very short period of time, is a testimony to the capacity of this guy.

This month is a particularly intensive month for me, while I work towards presenting to a clever community in Melbourne, and hopefully secure some strategy sessions while I am over there. What I know, is that in the true mantra of the thought leadership approach, which is ‘think once, deliver often’, is that this work is providing a brilliant foundation for my future, and that is what keeps me going, even when I have a bad head cold like today. Well, that and my unflappable cheerleader Jason.

If you are thinking about taking things to the next level, think about a mentor.  I thoroughly recommend it! Thanks Jason!!

Posted on June 5, 2013 .