Head shots and indulging in a bit of Hollywood!

One of the things that I was putting off in my practice, was getting some decent head shots. It was a combination of the following;

  • not feeling like going to all the fuss (and cost) of professional make up and hair artists 
  • projecting my past experiences into the equation; I do tend to get a bit of a gormless look on my face when I am super aware of someone snapping away at my mug.
  • not having any real reason to do so. 

So of course when I agreed to publish this website, in super quick time, I had to get my act together fast.

Firstly, the hair and makeup. I recommend doing what I did and going the whole hog. I got a wonderful hair makeover at my favourite salon, Servilles Ponsonby. They also have a Smashbox stylist, who can do your makeup even while you are getting your hair done! Here is where I felt like a Hollywood movie star, getting my hair and make up done at the same time. Actually, I didn't REALLY feel like one, because I was suffering from a bad cold, so it was a shame that I didn't totally embrace the experience.

They did a surprisingly good job, so then it was off home, for the talented Natalie Fox (what is it with my wonderful support people with last names of Fox?)  to work her magic with the camera. She brought a white screen with her, so that we could create the cropped effect for the web banner and we had a huge amount of fun. Her key strength, apart from being majorly talented as a photographer, was to engage with me in a way that I felt totally relaxed, and didn't feel silly or like a real poser.

The results are brilliant, and I am thrilled. Here are a couple of crazy ones that were more for fun (does anyone else think I look like Dame Edna?)  I thoroughly recommend you invest in head shots; it is a great way to have a confidence boost AND make your website just that much more professional looking. 




Posted on June 13, 2013 .