Some key learnings from Infusioncon 2013

I attended Infusioncon in Arizona, earlier this year. Infusioncon is the annual Infusionsoft users conference, which attracts over 2000 entrepreneurs, experts and thought leaders from around the world. This year we were lucky enough to experience a number of brilliant keynotes including David Allen, Daymond John and Jay Baer. The stand out for me was Jay Baer, who has published a book called 'Youtility' which is all about smart marketing by helping, not by hype.

Here are my 7 key tips I learned about building your profile as an expert or thought leader;

(1) VIDEO PRINT is the new way - online magazines, check out 3Dissue - it is seriously powerful AND you can track who clicks on your video, engages in live chat AND have different people on the cover, who can each then go and promote to their own database.

(2) You can upload your books onto Amazon Kindle for free;  charge your books at between $2.99 and $9.99 because then you get 75% of cover price; what are you waiting for??

(3) SOCIAL PROOF is the new buzz phrase, it's all about choosing based on what your customers say, NOT what you say.

(4) To get to be a #1 Amazon best seller, you only need to hold the most books sold in your category in a given hour!

(5) For an outrageous amount of statistics, go to Google Insights - it will change the way you see the world.

(6) e-reading is the way of the future, the average traditional reader reads 19 books a year, the average e-reader reads 26. The 2 categories where traditional books are still preferred are reading to children at night (assumed to be due to the nostalgia effect) and how to manuals.

(7) Mobile marketing is the way of the future (surprise surprise) - when developing an app, make sure you make it 'one finger easy'; you can get your audience to opt in via SMS instead of webforms

The mobile opt in particularly is interesting. I am presently working with a couple of providers who offer this service in Australia, as well as Europe, US and Canada. It is powerful if you frequently deliver your keynotes to a large audience, and would like to capture their details so that you can continue to market to them ongoing. All you do is offer them something of value (say a whitepaper on the topic you have just  spoken about) and ask them to text their name to a predefined number to receive it; the system will then ask them for their email details, and either send a thank you reply or ask another question (eg if you would like to segment your audience to customise the follow up communication).

I do recommend Infusioncon for any Infusionsoft user. We can learn something as Australasians about their unflagging enthusiasm of all things entrepreneurial, and how they truly love sharing their success stories with passion. 


Posted on June 16, 2013 .