What do the best thought leaders look for in platforms?

I am presently sitting at Melbourne airport, waiting to board my flight back home. I love this city, my highlight on the cuisine front would have to be Movida Aqui and Red Spice Road - both just outstanding.

The key purpose of my trip was to launch my mini workshop on lead generation for speakers, authors and workshop facilitators.

This was a very successful launch and I loved the powerful discussion that came out of the session, and the one on one brainstorming sessions that followed. Here are the top tips according to those who attended my workshop.

1. Investing in an SMS capture app for use in keynotes to pop those who partake instantly into your crm like Infusionsoft is a no brainer. One participant purchased it immediately and it was used 2 days later to successfully capture a number of leads at a keynote in real time, something they had never been able to do before.

2. Leveraging your keynote or workshop is another obvious win. What that means is offering an ongoing interaction via playbooks, videos, remote sessions and emails. This doesn't just prolong the value exchange for your client but also brings significant commercial gains for the expert.

3. While word of mouth is a key strategy for lead generation, you need to have a plan to expand your profile into communities who haven't heard about you this way. This can be best achieved by creating something valuable that you give away ( eg white paper or regular complimentary mini workshop) but you need to be mindful that a) there will be an element of push required ( eg connecting via inmail on LinkedIn or even ringing them to extend the invite) and b) you do not at this stage make it conditional on them 'opting in', this is done without attachment. It is amazing what can transpire when you practise this principle, what occurs without your knowledge can lead to very significant opportunities, not just re lead generation but across all areas of your life.

Boarding call! Stay tuned for more...

Posted on July 4, 2013 .