Are you focusing on your strengths and getting supported for everything else?

I have been enjoying reading Dan Sullivan's book '21st Century Agent' recently. Dan is the genius behind Strategic Coach and this book was written by him 20 years ago, but still has wonderful relevance today. Essentially he shows you how to thrive as an entrepreneurial life insurance agent, by embracing the imminent changes in the industry.

In this book he recommends that we focus on what we are good at, and get people who are better than us at the other stuff to do that!

Think about top entertainers or sports stars. Do they organise the venue, sweep the floor or sell tickets? In the earlier stage of their careers, let's face it, they probably did everything, but once they reach a certain level, then it makes sense to delegate.

 As six year olds, we received some well meaning bad advice!

 That advice was 'work on your weaknesses'. Whilst there needs to be focus on upskilling of the basics, Dan rightfully claims that if you spend your whole life working on your weaknesses, by the end of your life, you will have a lot of really strong weaknesses!

He then says that the truth is just the opposite. The secret to success in life is to focus entirely on your strengths, and delegate your weaknesses to highly skilled people who are strong where you are weak.

Geoff and I are in the final stages of recruiting our first virtual assistant (VA). It has been along time in the making, and I am thrilled about how much time I am going to be freed up from admin and detailed tasks, which I am not very good at. Instead I will be doing what I do best (and should be doing!) which is thinking, selling and delivering.

I think the question is, how MUCH do you focus on your weaknesses? Let's face it, we probably need to know how to master the basics of any essential life skill. But let others do you a favour, and allow them to support you with their expertise, when you have the option.

Posted on April 2, 2015 .