Do you play the comparison game?

I have spent a lifetime comparing myself to others. I do wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I am an identical twin. Try having someone in your life who looks like you, sounds like you and has the same upbringing, and not compare!

I sometimes find myself comparing to other people's success, both here and in Australia. The reality is, it sucks! A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I am not a competitive person, which is true, but I am certainly a comparative person! I think the difference is, that when you are competitive, it is generally motivating whereas when you are comparative it can be very demotivating. And as much as we know we shouldn't do it, and it is unconstructive, it still happens from time to time.

Thankfully I have the Freefall curriculum to lift myself out of any funk. Whenever I indulge in feeling inadequate for a little too long, I get clarity on 'what's really going on', shift my state, and choose a more empowering thought process (namely being inspired by the company I keep, how lucky am I to be around such motivating people).

I know that I am not the only one who experiences this; there are some other people I have been speaking to recently, who are feeling disempowered by comparing themselves to others.

 We care way more about what people think than we think we do (or DO we?!)

Whereas we like to think that our own contribution and sense of fulfillment are key drivers for our own success, often it is simply about what others think.

HOWEVER, when looking for some research around this, the key thing that came back was a study recently conducted by Jeep, in conjunction with the launch of their Renegade ( clever people, they are using thought leadership smartly, and the study results have been recounted far and wide across global media). The upshot of the research is that as we get older, we stop worrying so much about what others think. 2000 people were polled on various aspects, and the conclusion is that at around 41 years old, we generally stop worrying about what others think.

That is certainly the case for many aspects of my life. In fact take a look at the following list, and see if you are comfortable doing most of these (many of you like me will be laughing a number 1;  I can't recall the last time I went out on a Friday or Saturday night!).

1. You only go out on a Friday or Saturday night - never both

2. You go to the cinema on your own

3. You'll eat a meal in a restaurant on your own

4. You watch the TV shows you like

5. You play music you like in the car

6. You order the food you like

7. You go make-up free

8. You switch from Radio 1 to Radio 2 (those of you who have hung out in the UK will know what that means)

9. You have embraced your natural hair colour

10. You dance at family parties

Maybe it's time for us to realise that the comparison game well and truly doesn't serve, and start simply enjoying our own path without applying unnecessary pressure on ourselves.

Posted on April 9, 2015 .