Emails cop some unfair slack

How many times do you hear something along the lines of 'don't be held captive by your email' or 'don't check your email before 11am?' If you listen to commentary on email management, it can seem like emails are just bad, bad, bad!!

Certainly for me, I try to respond to my emails within 24 hours, and that can be tough at times. It only takes a day of being out of office, and suddenly you are overwhelmed with a stack of items that require your response.

 Now I am not a productivity guru, and definitely not an email management expert. My inbox is massive, and I know that from time to time I miss important emails because managing my inbox is not my strength, so apologies to any of you who have felt ignored by me in the past email wise.

So today's newsletter (which you are ironically reading via your email) isn't about how to manage your inbox better, rather how to improve your relationship with emails!

Emails are the primary way that people who support you and your business communicate

Ok, I know that this is super obvious, but I think that in the context of our busy lives we can forget this simple fact.

I know that there are times that I get grumpy about how many emails I have to respond to, and feel annoyed that the time spent on replying is time spent away from the other necessary tasks in my business.

But then I think about it. Responding to emails IS one of the most important parts of my role, because it is all about me communicating with people who matter to me and my business.

Often it just requires a simple reframe from me along the lines of getting present to what a privilege it is to  be communicating with each individual, so I enjoy it, and feel grateful!

And if you have any tips on time of day and how to actually tackle the WHEN do I respond to emails, please let me know!



Posted on May 13, 2015 .