How you can be more enthusiastic when it doesn't come naturally to you

Two weeks ago I introduced my presence/enthusiasm model (see below) and last week I shared my version of what it takes to be present. Today I will conclude reflection on this model, and look at how you can be more enthusiastic, if that's not your natural state.

What can you do to be more enthusiastic?!

These ideas also apply to people like me who are considered to possess a natural level of enthusiasm (and there are a few of you out there!). Sometimes I am asked how I can remain so enthusiastic day in day out. The truth is that there are certainly times that I feel flat, and anything BUT enthusiastic. I think it is part of the territory of being human. The key is to recognise when you are feeling in a funk, don't beat yourself up, and use whatever techniques you know to shift your state (with self care as mentioned in last week's blog being TOP of the list). Here are some specific ways to ensure you raise the enthusiasm stakes in your daily life. 


You understand your own thought leadership, your own uniqueness. You have clarity around how you can share your thought leadership with others (eg via models, stories and metaphors as per the amazing Thought Leadership program). You use this to position yourself as an authority in selected markets, and practise conviction based selling because of your clarity on their value. This means your specific value is also clear to your chosen prospects and alliances, who you are very selective about. 


You know your purpose, and why you are drawn to your vocation. You are also committed to ongoing growth, there are no limits you place on yourself. As Dan Sullivan says, you look at what you want rather than what you need


You create focused sales campaigns, with realistic activity targets across the customer life cycle. A key part of these campaigns are the way you get known to people, eg by writing the book, speaking at events, or arranging information evenings (and of course picking up the phone!). 


You have a playful approach to activity and target and enrol those around you in the game. You use the principles of visible progress and motivational design (refer Dr Jason Fox’s brilliant work in this area) to literally forward your game day in day out.

You also use the power of curiosity to constantly explore and grow in your chosen specialties.


You understand the value of planning, and are clear on measurement; your monthly, quarterly and yearly goals, (and are realistic about the number of weeks in the year that you can most likely work on your business or practice if you are not an employee). 


You focus on your strengths (Gallup Strength Finder is a great place to start) and get support where needed. When we work to our strengths, our vocation is way more enjoyable and easy.

And finally, just like last week, you have a new relationship with the words COMMITMENT and CHOICE. It is all about you!

Enthusiasm has magic in it

It doesn't matter what you do, if you are enthusiastic, there is just more of an edge to it. We are so lucky to enjoy freedom and other luxuries that so many don't have. To be enthusiastic in your life is to demonstrate your gratitude for this, and a lot more. But again, have compassion for those times when life doesn't enthuse you, be patient and kind to yourself, and know that you can push the reset button to  becoming a natural cheerleader whenever you choose.


Posted on April 30, 2015 .