How I manage my emotions with food

Oh no, I swore I would never show food shots on my Facebook page and here I am sharing them on my newsletter!

I have two very different ways of managing my emotions with food.

Version 1 - I can emotionally eat with the best of them. I am at my worst relaxing at the end of a week enjoying neighbourhood drinkies (we should call them something else, it isn't the best look having my four year old saying 'mummy are we having drinkies again tonight?' at daycare). My true vice is chips with dip (or hot chips). I can hoover through those very quickly, and it's accelerated when I am enjoying a couple of big fat glasses of red wine. 
I congratulate myself on 'taking it easy', believe that I deserve it, and then usually wake up the next day with a 'food hangover' (and don't beat myself up about it any more). 

The other way is by committing to my latest 'plan' 

all it a detox, or a cleanse or a reset. I have tried everything - high alkaline, no gluten, raw food and most recently the 28 day energy challenge, which the wonderful Gabrielle Dolan from business school set at immersion a couple of weeks back.
What I love about this one, is that you have margin of error built into it. For each vice that you abstain from, or good habit you commit to, you get four days off!!! My idea of heaven! I know I will be using up at least one of those credits this week as I celebrate my hubby Geoff's birthday.Whenever I follow the basic rule of eating more veges, less carbs and processed foods, and eat protein wisely, I feel amazing! Emotionally, I feel way more resilient and upbeat. And now I am finally keeping some of the habits when I finish the plan. Interestingly enough, one of the habits I am forming is exercising six days of the week (easy to watch youtube vids first thing in the morning). That is a new commitment and one I am definitely feeling the benefits of. The accountability of reporting on progress to my tribe online is another plus for this one. 
I know that some of my friends get a bit bored with the 'oh no thanks, I am not eating wheat/meat/dairy/chippies/whatever, I am on a detox/cleanse/reset', but the reality is, this works for me. And I feel far more focused in my work, and have higher energy levels, which was the reason that Ral introduced it in the first place. 
But I equally love zigging as well as zagging. When I feel like it, there is nothing better than enjoying 'substantial nibbles' as they are affectionately called in my hood or fish and chips from up the road. And the key is not to beat myself up even when I do feel the food hangover coming on. Yes, we want to adopt healthy eating habits as a way to amplify our success, but I do  love the saying, moderation in everything, including moderation. 
How does food impact your emotion? 

Posted on June 12, 2015 .