Lead generation is about way more than lead generation

There might be a few of you reading my recent posts, and thinking, 'hang on, Laurel, why are you going on about presence, enthusiasm, comparison, competition, the future of work and even depression? Doesn't sound much like lead generation to me!

Creating your own lead generation campaign is only part of the picture.

I haven't pulled out my lead generation machine for a while, so here it is again! Essentially the guts of his is that if you create a specific campaign for a particular market/offering (or job seeking process!) of yours, and design an end to end customer lifecycle, all around value, generosity and uniqueness, you will get some brilliant lead generation or employment results.

All the 'other stuff' is the fuel that drives the machine!

There is no point owning a Ferrari, when you don't have access to a petrol station. Similarly, I believe that you are not going to get amazing lead gen results, when you are not operating from a powerful state as a human being.
I didn't used to share this! I used to do 'Miss Appropriate' and just talk about the cool 'head' stuff like lead generation and thought leadership (as someone pointed out to me, it's called THOUGHT leadership for a reason). I think that for many of us, operating within the intellectual realm is safe and nonthreatening.
But the gold comes from looking at the other stuff! As much as I LOVE the Thought Leader's curriculum and elegant lead gen strategies, I know that someone turning up to a sales meeting or interview with passion, conviction and presence (and no lead gen strategy!) is going to nail the person without them EVERY TIME!
So, I am going to continue to share my learnings based on all three - clarity (thought leadership), cleverness (lead generation) and conviction (all the other cool stuff). And as far as I am concerned, if YOU focus on all three in your practice, business, or job seeking efforts your  results will shift remarkably.

Posted on June 4, 2015 .