Breakfast series - Elevate your commercial success

For experienced thought leaders

Launching Wednesday 9th April, and based in central Auckland, this new breakfast series will be held over a period of 6 weeks, starting bright and early at 7am, and wrapping up well before 9am, so that you can then head into your day.

The first in the series, will be aimed at experienced thought leaders, ie those of you who are already generating revenue as an author, speaker, trainer or coach. Here is what I find is the reality around for most experts;

  • You don’t like selling (let’s face it, not many people do!), and you don’t feel like you are particularly good at it; you would prefer to be doing the delivery side of the business
  • You don’t have the time for it, so simply ignore it until such time as you realise your pipeline is a bit thin, then you rush into survival sales mode, all hands on deck, in a reactive, and sometimes desperate way. The other solution is to pay for someone else to do it, with varying results. Of course, if they are good, you become very dependent on them!
  • You forget to follow up, or don’t have a system for doing so. You know about social media, nurturing, and email marketing, but don’t have the capacity or desire to explore it further. The problem is that most people buy after around eight interactions, so there are opportunities that are simply ignored.

But I think the problem that many experts share is that black cloud that hangs over you, knowing that you have to keep your pipeline full, in order to generate the work to keep your practice up and running, and your overheads paid. It would be lovely to have the recommended ‘3 months worth of operating costs’ in the bank for rainy days, but for most practices, it simply isn’t a reality. Just one or two slow months can affect your cashflow significantly, so it might be time to explore an elegant alternative to reactive lead generation, which quite frankly, helps you sleep at night!


How to position like a maniac, and create your own lead generator machine.

Elevate your Commercial Success is a six week, highly interactive and personal course, which guides you through creating your own lead generator machine. The beauty of creating this ‘work of art’ is that you can be confident that it is constantly attracting and nurturing new leads, with minimal ongoing effort for you.

But even more importantly than that, you will learn the power of positioning, and how this can totally transform your lead gen machine, by focussing on leads coming to you, rather than the other way around!

It doesn’t matter if you have a website, a CRM (client relationship management system) or dedicated sales resource. What we are committed to is you tailoring the right lead generator machine for you, based on your resources, your interest in technology, and  personal preferences. These sessions will show you how to do that, along with the resources that support it, including an online community, and a library of resources and templates collated over years of successful selling.

Don’t be fooled; this is not some mud at the wall, get customers quick scheme. Quite the opposite. It is about taking your prospects through their purchasing decision making process, by providing them with information relevant to them. It also takes something, quite a lot actually. But if you are the kind of person who is prepared to spend some significant effort up front (across the six week course) creating this, it will serve you for years and years to come (with a bit of ongoing loving required, but nothing like the time that reactive lead generation takes!).

After attending this course


This course will guide you through what is required to create your own lead generator machine. By the end of it, not only will you have created your own masterpiece, but optionally, and for a small charge, you will receive your own work of art, a blueprint if you like, of your very own machine. Realistically, your machine will still require ongoing work; you will have a list of your own action items to continually refine it AND if you choose, some options for turbocharging it in the future, once it has been well test driven. You will be able to implement it in your own business, and enjoy watching your pipeline start to fill. And most importantly, with the focus on positioning vs selling, you will start to see your leads coming to you!

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Please note a date and details for a breakfast series for emerging thought leaders will be released shortly.