Newsflash - New programs being launched!

I am excited to announce that in April this year, I will be launching my new breakfast series and weekend (non residential) retreats in Auckland. Watch this space for more info, but if you would like to register your interest, please fill out the form below;

Click here for more information on our breakfast series.

Click here for more information on our weekend retreats.

Who is it for?

(1) For emerging thought leaders

Are you in a role, or a business, that doesn't inspire? Do you have a passion or hobby either within or outside of your career, that you would love to generate a great living from, by sharing that expertise with others, through coaching, mentoring, training, speaking or authoring? Does the reality of mortgage payments, child minding, and sheer overwhelm of where to start prevent you from living your dream?


Right now, is the BEST time in history to be making a living, selling your thoughts, and doing what you love! Believe me, there are countless people enjoying this lifestyle (including me) and this is not about relying on hope strategy internet marketing. This IS about powerful positioning, knowing your thought leadership AND transitioning the right way, so that you don't add stress to your household when you suddenly give up your nice regular pay packet. In other words, this is a way to give up your day job or business slowly! (unless of course you are in the enviable position of being able to throw the towel in, we cater for that too!).

(2) For experienced thought leaders

Are you already generating revenue as a speaker, coach, author, mentor or trainer? Are you earning the income you deserve? The statistics about the average billings for both speakers and coaches in both New Zealand and Australia are devastating. Often it is simply a case of preferring to deliver your expertise, rather than sell it! And everyone is an expert; you can certainly find lots of ways to part with your cash, on the promise of more commercial success. 

Why am I different? Because I follow a proven system, and have delivered the results personally. Because I have probably done more cold calling than most people in this country, and have learnt that, although it is effective, and has its place, there are easier ways to spread the word. Because I make it my job to know how other people are successfully delivering their expertise remotely.

If you are sick of tolerating either of the above scenarios, or even if you are an experienced and successful thought leader who would like to enjoy even more commercial freedom, then let me know, and we can have a nice casual catch up, talking all about YOU and your business!